Sunday, April 19, 2015

Updating my Monster High Collection

It's been a while since I posted.  I just don't have t.   time and sometimes energy.    But, I was really excited with my most recent MH find.

I was shopping at a local Big Lots yestetday and found Sweet Screams Ghoulia for $12.  The Sweet Screams subline of dolls was a Target exclusive.    There are 4 dolls in this set:Frankie, Draculara, Ghoulia, and Abby.  Ghoulia was the only one available,  but hoping to find the others at other Big Lot stores.

I also picked up Porter and Vandella from the Haunted.  Porter is new, but Vandella i have haf since Christmas. I love her!  The detail on her peg leg is awesome!   I also have Lorna and Marisol.   I have had them since last year's Black Friday .

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Monster High Collection update-SDCC 2014 and others

It has been awhile since I talked about Monster High dolls.  For the most part, I am pretty much over them.  I am limiting myself to only a few.   Mattle has flooded the market with too many mediocre dolls.    It seems the creative spark that made the doll line so interesting is bogged down in the money making machine.

Yesterday, I had a huge box waiting on me.  It was my SDCC 2014 Monster High exclusive set.  I am so thankful to my best friend from high school and his husband for undertaking the task of attempting to get the dolls for me.  I am impressed with this year's set.  It is actually one of the nicest SDCC MH sets.  The box is huge!  It is detailed nicely with a built in locker to hold accessories for the pair.  Manny has to be the largest of all the Monster High dolls.   Which makes Iris look to be about the same height as possibly Twyla.   One detail that sells me on Iris is her matching shoes and purse.  I love the eyeball design.

Currently, there is only one doll I am still looking for, Slow Mo.   I have never seen him in stores.  Of course, I don't spend much time actively hunting them.  I figure, eventually, he will turn up.  They are still packing the guys one to a box.
I did find the Target 5 pack with him  .  But, the last 2 5 packs I purchased, I got on clearance for 29.99.   I am willing to take the chance and wait it out to save some money.  The Target 5 packs have increased a few dollars each year.  They are becoming ridiculously priced.

Jane Boolittle, interesting idea for a character. She is the daughter of a witch doctor.  However, with
Mattle shipping cases of nothing but her, she is turning into a hardcore shelf warmer. Which is really sad considering she is a beautiful doll.  I have one that I opened and one still in box.
 I really love Honey Swamp (not pictured) and Viperine.   I have had these dolls since Christmas but haven't really haven't had the interest or time to comment about them.
Of the four new characters in the Frights, Camera, Action line they are the most interesting.  The others, Elizabat and Clawdia Wolf are boring.  Target has been having great clearances  lately on shelf warming MH dolls.  Hopefully, those will soon see clearance price, then I will pick them up.

 I am just going to briefly mention a few other dolls that I have picked up in the past few months.  I haven't taken pictures of those, so I will try to get them added quickly.  I have made the decision to only collect new characters.
I no longer buy the dolls that are considered budget lines and I am trying to avoid rehashed dolls just in different clothing.  Most of the budget line dolls that I had in my collection were donated this past Christmas to the Salvation Army Angel Tree.
There are some new characters coming soon that were shown at Comic Con.  And I have to say, several of them I am really excited about.  I will have to see them in person before I make the decision to add them to the collection.

 However, when it comes to dolls on clearance (especially at Target) I will pick a few up.  Either to  add to my personal collection or save for the upcoming holiday season.

Pictures will be coming soon of the following dolls:

Walmart exclusive Frights, Camera, Action Operetta.  I love the deco styling of her clothing.

Thanks to an Easter sell, I got the 13 wishes party dolls.  The dolls were on sale for $9. In addition to the low price, they were also included in a bogo 50% off deal.

I am sure that I have a few more tucked away in the closet that I am going to kick myself for not taking pictures of.  For a complete look at my collection, please visit my Monster High collection post.  

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Trading Post

All of the items pictured are currently up for sale or trade.  Please let me know if you are interested in anything.   For purchases, I accept paypal only and US shipping only.  All packages are shipped via USPS with tracking.  

I know have more items to trade, just haven't taken all of the pictures, but this will at least get this started.  I mainly collect Star Wars, Transformers, looking for a few Ghostbuster figures, Food Fighters, Crash Test Dummies, and anything weird, wonderful, or unusual.

If you have anything to trade, feel free to leave a link in the comments.

Some toy show finds

This weekend we went to a local toy show,   Lately, I have been into picking up Ghostbuster figures.  I have almost completed a set of Filmation Ghostbuster figures. But, I am still working on the Real Ghostbuster figures.

I picked up several of the Movie Monsters and some of the Haunted Human figures.  

I now have 4 of the movie monsters and 6 of the haunted humans.  Once I get the last few figures I need, I think my Ghostbuster collection will be complete.  I am not going to collect all of the different versions of the guys.  Of course, I  say that now.  who knows?  I will probably change my mind.

I also picked up a Remco Dracula to go with my Frankenstien.  He isn't in the best of shape but I am happy to add him to the collection.  The Phantom and Creature are my current fixations.  I am wanting to add those to my collection soon.

My last pick up at the toy show was a G1 Peachy MLP.   I don't know why I picked her up.  I have this love/hate relationship with MLPs, but when I see them, I just can't resist rescuing them.

Happy Star Wars Day

I just want to wish all of the Star Wars fans out there a Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you!  and beware the revenge of the 5th.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Recent toy finds! part 1

It has been forever since I blogged here about any of my toys.   I started a Tumblr, which I really have liked.  I don't feel obligated to wax poetically about what I find.  Just a quick picture and a few words.  It's great!

 I started this blog because the newest and closest Goodwill store was a treasure chest.  Well, that dried up fast.  I haven't found anything in that store in about 6 months. I know people donate toys.   But, this store never has any toys (action figures, naked Barbies, nothing!)   It fluctuates from looking like a Target clearance aisle to empty shelves.  You can hear the crickets.

My husband has gotten better about going to the flea market with me.  Convincing my husband to branch out and travel a little to other flea markets is still a tough sell.   But lately, his best friend has been on a quest to find Visionary toys.  That has helped my cause greatly!

Alright, so enough chit chat.  Let's get to the good stuff.  

First up are the items from my local flea market.

The burning question- To open or not to open?  So far, I haven't opened them.  I am dying to know what is inside other then an almost 30 year old piece of gum.    I got these from an older gentleman who was selling different packs of cards.  He said, " those really are some ugly critters on those cards."   I got the 2 packs for a $1 plus a few loose cards he said I could have because those were the only ones he had.

I got a Charon from Clash of the Titans.   I picked it up thinking it's a cool figure.  He was kind of an impulse buy because the price was good.  Lately, I have been picking up more movie monsters, Ghostbusters, etc.  I thought he might blend in well with them. I was wrong.

 Do you have those toys you just can't connect with?  I had him 2 days and sold him.   He was creeping me out and next to Mr. Staypuft's infectious smile, he just was bringing down the rest of the shelf.

Speaking of movie monsters, I found this 1980 Frankenstien hidden away in the bottom of a box buried under Happy Meal toys. Originally, I dismissed him as one of the Universal Monster toys from Burger King.  But on closer inspection, I realized he was awesome!  I was thrilled to get him.   This is the non glowing version.  I would love to find more of these, especially The Creature from the Black Lagoon and The Phantom of the Opera.

Last weekend, we skipped the flea market and went to a toy show.  Most of the ones in our area are usually really small and kind of hit or miss.  This one was awesome!  I saw so many things that I "needed" and wanted.  I had to stop myself from grabbing arm loads and pick just certain items.

As much as I saw that I wanted, I was really selective and didn't as much as my husband did.  He hit the mother load on Walking Dead figures.  Although not all of his figures came from the toy show.

Like I said, I have been picking up the Real Ghostbusters.    But I could not pass these up.   Nobody from my circle of friends remembers the Filmation Ghostbusters.

I vividly remember this cartoon, the characters, everything about it.   I would watch it on WGN.  My grandmother had cable at her house.  And that channel had all the great cartoons in the afternoon!

As a kid, I never had any of these figures or any of the Real Ghostbuster figures.  I guess that is why I have been buying them up lately.

If you aren't familiar with the characters, the tall robot/skeleton looking guy is Prime Evil.  The girl is Futura.  And the green faced character is Fib Face. You can turn his head around and change his face.

I was excited to see them in the wilds, other then Ebay, I haven't seen them much.  They were my biggest purchase from the show.   I picked up a few vintage Star Wars figures to fill in some gaps.  I only need about 15 more to complete my set.

Lastly, my Ebay obsessions.  Since I can't find any Crash Test Dummy action figures anywhere, I turn to Ebay.   I love Skid the Kid, Hubcat, and Bumper.   Thanks to Eric at Toyriffic and his Halloween post about Hubcat, my obsession began.  Since then,  my baby army has grown!  I am up to 3 loose Skids with car seat, 1 loose Skid with car seat and stroller (which should arrive any day now), 1 Skid the Kid MOC, 2 Bumpers, and 1 Hubcat.

Seriously, if you don't have one of these in your collection, get one!   They are hilarious, ridiculously cute, and slightly inappropriate.  What more could you ask for?

I also got one of my grail figures that I have been wanting for some time.  I finally picked up a Marion Ravenwood, from  ROTLA.  She has her monkey, though he isn't in this picture.

Her skirt is loose and there is some paint wear on her shoes.  To me, she is perfect.

I have more find to share.  Hopefully, since it is spring break I can post more this week.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Salacious has 2 new outfits

When we went to Disney World over the Thanksgiving holiday, I picked up this awesome Salacious Crumb.   I think Disney has quickly learned how to market to Star Wars fans.   I could not resist when I saw Crumb sitting by a register wearing a very princess like pink tiara.   I bought both.  

Every now and then, I get bored and create new outfits for him.   First off, he got the tacky Christmas sweater.  This year's sweater will be much tackier.  I just didn't have enough time to make it super tacky.  

Now he has his tea time outfit and a Valentine sweater.  I have been trying to think of different outfits that I could create.  I am kind of leaning toward something out of the Village People.   Maybe a cowboy or indian, construction worker, I don't know.  I haven't decided yet.  Something will strike me sooner or later.