Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Custom dress for Rosetta

Last week, I picked up 2 naked Disney fairy dolls.   Since it was on President's Day, everything was half off at the Goodwill.  I got the pair for a $1.   Otherwise, I probably would have passed on them.

 I had originally tried to sell the pair of dolls but the buyer I had found decided not to get them.   I was going to re-donate them but my little girl liked them.    I decided I would go ahead and try to restore them.   The Silver Mist doll is in better condition then Rosetta.   I bought Silver Mist's original dress from a member of a doll group I belong to.   It should arrive in a few days.

Rosetta is the one who need a little bit of work.   She had fallen victim to a bad hair cut.  So I started out getting her hair styled.  It took a little work, but I evened out her hair as best I could.
The doll still had its original tights, however there was a little tear on the seam.   It was easy to repair.
 I made her a tutu  dress out of tulle and used a scrap piece of sequined black fabric to create the top.      The Winx accessory pack (pictured above)  is another Goodwill find.  I  gt it for .$50.  I removed the peg that holds the wings in place on a Winx doll and glued the wings to Rosetta's back. Once the wings were in place, I dressed her.   She is wearing the black boots from the Novi Star fashion pack (another Goodwill find, $1.50)

Overall, I think she turned out well. I can't decide if I like her skirt long or if I should shorten it.   I guess I will let my daughter decide.  I know that she will be surprised in the morning when she sees the finished Rosetta.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thrift Find: Hasbro Battle Beast

I found these little figures today.   I thought that my son might enjoy them.    I researched them and found that they are called Battle Beast made by Hasbro in the 1980s.  

They originated in Japan and then marketed in America. The line was actually a spin off of Transformers.    Each figure has a symbol earth, wood, or fire and could be used to play a rock, paper scissors type game.

There are 4 series of Battle Beast.  Series 1-3 are numbered 1-76.    The Battle Beast pictured are: #6.  Triple Threat Snake,  #16. Sly Fox, and #33. Major Moose.

You can check out all of the Battle Beast on Toy Archive.   There are several that I would love to find.  I especially love # 41,22, 18.

Grand total for these little guys.  $.75

Monday, February 25, 2013

Big Bang Theory Costume Card

One of my favorite TV shows is the Big Bang Theory.   My husband surprised me by picking up a pack with a costume card in it.    I absolutely love Sheldon, so I was really thrilled to get this card.

I will be looking for more of these!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flea Market Find- G1 My Little Ponies, Bio Glow Swamp Thing, and Star Wars EU Thrawn

This weeks little outing to the flea market turned up some good finds.   We picked up an assortment of first generation My Little Ponies.   All were in need of a good bath and some hair brushing.     Grand total for them was $2.75

I also bought some figures that were priced 5 for a $1.    The 2 best  figures were  a 1990 Kenner Bio Glow Swamp Thing and a Star Wars figure.

 The Swamp Thing figures stem from the short lived cartoon.   I remember I used to love the movie, but I honestly haven't seen that movie in 25 years.

In the same lot, I got a loose Star Wars: Expanded Universe Grand Admiral Thrawn.   I remember when those figures were supposed to be in stores.   They were nearly impossible to find locally.   I ended up buying a couple off of Ebay.    No accessories, just the fact that he was loose and in the wild is mind boogling.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Slow week for the retro safari, except I got Scaris Deuce

Wow!  This week has been an all time low in toy hunting.   The weather has stunk this week and since the President's Day blowout sale, my favorite Goodwill store has been S-L-O-W to restock much of anything.    The bags o'fun were plentiful today. It is sad when you can't find even 1 thing to make it worth buying.   The bags  were filled with rejected "Lanards" and Happy Meal toys.    

Now as for Monster High dolls, I was able to add to Scaris Deuce to my collection.  You would think that I would be more excited about adding him to the collection.   Truthfully, I am happy to have him.  I am just kind of disappointed that I haven't found him in any of our stores. I ended up purchasing from a friend in Chicago.   This doll has been driving me crazy.  I have never seen it in a store!  I like to catch my toys in the wild.   At least, I saw Gil 3 times before it got crazy to get him.   I wish I had bought everyone of him I saw.

I also picked up Picture Day Spectra.   The store shelves are covered with Picture Day dolls.  I did not get her when I got the other 3 dolls.   The store only had 1 Spectra and her box was beat up.  But, I have that set of dolls complete now.

You can check out my updated Monster High collection post.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrift Find: President's Day Sale at the Goodwill today

With it being President's Day the entire Goodwill store was 50% off.    It was a lite toy day.   I picked up a few things that I am hoping I will be able to re-sale.    I also got a 2002 Transformer that will be added to the tribe from a bag o'fun.

The greatest find of the day was this bag.   I saw another lady looking at it and was just hoping that she would put it back.  Luckily, she decided against it and I swooped it up.  It has a very bohemian quality about it.  I fell in love with it.

Believe me, I have been showing to anybody and everybody who would look and listen.     I don't really think the bag has been used that much.   Maybe somebody brought it home as a souvenir from a trip?   I picture it belonging to a gobal explorer.   The bag is leather on the inside, sides, and trim.   Looking at the leather inside, it isn't scuffed at all.  
 The buckles and closure are made of brass.  I am wanting to polish them up.   The tapestry looks to be handmade and possible South American.

The picture doesn't really do it justice. The colors in the tapestry are lovely.   It has a beauty and a richness that just can't be found in anything massed produced.   That is a funny statement coming from a mass produced toy addict.    I guess this bag provides some needed contrast to all of the my toy posting.   

With everything in the store being 50% off today, I got the bag for the grand total of $2.25.  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picture Post- My Transformer Tribe

Thought I would share a picture of my Goodwill Transformer tribe.  They range from generation 1 to newer movie release bots.  Plus there are a couple of Go-Bots thrown in the mix.
  They aren't perfect, but they look really cool all displayed together.  Not pictured are 2 Beast Wars Transformers (B'Boom and Ironhide).   I think I am going to need a bigger shelf though.   :)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Deconstructing a bag o' fun, Items for sale

So that I don't end up with a bunch of stuff in my box of misfit toys, I try to sell off as many items as I keep from bags o' fun.    It is hard sometimes to let go of some items.   With this bag, I kind of wanted to keep the mini Loopsy dolls.  I thought my little girl would want them, but she isn't really interested in them.    It works out better this way.   I can sell things off to fund our Monster High and my growing G1 Transformer habit.

The bag contained  5 Lala Loopsys, 4 Littlest Pet Shop figures, 3 small My Little Pony figures, and 12 Playmobil figures.

The loopsys are gone, actually gone within minutes of posting them in a doll group.   The other items have been moving a little slower.   But, I have already covered the cost of the bag and made more then enough to buy another one.  If I don't sell them with in the groups, the rest will go to Ebay.

Lego Minifigures- Series 9

Sunday while we were out getting some snacks for the a Super Bowl party, we came across the new series 9 Lego minifigure packs.   I got them at our local Toys R Us.   As a general rule,  I really hate shopping at Toys R Us because they are so over priced  ($3.19 each).    Buy them at Target or Walmart whenever possible and save a few cents.

This series has some really cute figures.    Notably, the Chicken Man and Mermaid.    I am happy that they have been adding more girl figures to these sets.    I personally never buy all of the figures, we just kind of pick and choose our favorites.

After a couple of hand cramps riffling through the packages to find the ones I wanted, I finally found the chicken man.   He is fairly easy to find, just feel for the parts on the head.    The mermaid is also easy to find because of her tail.

The last figure I picked up was the roller derby girl.   She is a little  more tricky to find.   You would think that the skates would be easy to find, but they are very tiny.   In our pack, we were able to pick out the helmet but not the skates.   The skates were already stuck to the stand.

The next ones I would like to get are the movie star, celtic girl, and the troll.

Monster High Dolls- 2/16 & 2/17 on sale at Justice

We found out that Justice was having a 40% off sale with an additional 20% off today.   Since they sell Monster High dolls, we wanted to check it out.

We picked up 3 of the Dance Class dolls and another Picture Day Cleo.   The Picture Day dolls were $16 and the Dace class were $11.   I just need to pick up the Dance Howleen.

These are updated on my Monster High collection post.

Thrift Find- Monster High DDG Operetta, Tim Gunn Barbie fashion pack,and some Beast Wars Transformers to name a few

I don't know what the heck is going on at our local Goodwill store.   It opened last December and ever since they have been getting the good stuff!!     This week was the best so far!

If you have seen any of my other posts,  I have a collection of Monster High dolls.   This week in a bag o' fun, my little girl and I found a  Drop Dead Gorgeous Operetta!   She is the first MH doll that I have ever found at a thrift store.   It is surprising because she is brand new.   I would expect to find possibly an older doll in questionable condition.  But this one is still available in stores and fairly easy to find.   She still had her earrings, mask and necklace.  The rubber band holding the necklace in place is still there.   All she needed was a pair of shoes, which was easily taken care of.

The store that I like to go to the most doesn't usually get a lot of stuff from Target.  Usually, that goes to another store.  But for some reason I got lucky!    I found a Tim Gunn Barbie fashion pack for $4.

The fashion packs at Target sold for $24.95, which was $5 less then the Tim Gunn Barbie dolls.     I was thrilled to find this!  I love Project Runway and Tim Gunn!  For Christmas, my husband gave me one of the Tim Gunn Barbie dolls.   But now with the fashion pack, I have 2 Tim Gunn Barbies.

All of the small accessory pieces are still in the packaging. I only removed the blouse, skirt, and shoes to put on the doll.

The Barbie wearing the fashion pack I got back in December at the Goodwill.   She is one of the model Barbie dolls and was only a $1.   I put her in my "secret stash" hoping I would find some clothing for her.   I think the 2 are a perfect match.

My addiction to Transformers is growing.  Now, I would generally prefer that my Transformers be trucks and not monkeys.   But holy moly! , when you see a large metallic blue baboon sitting on the shelf, you just have to check it out.

B'Boom is actually a mandrill for the 1997 Beast Wars Transformers line.    He isn't in the greatest of shape.  There is one part missing from his chest.  But, like I said, a metallic blue monkey is just cool to look at.

I also picked up a couple of his Beast War sidekicks.   Both are in rough shape with missing parts.  They still look decent in robot mode.

The yellow and green on is a Cheetor Transmetal Deluxe figure from 1999.   He is missing his robot form arms.    The Elephant is Ironhide.  It is missing its elephant head and another tusk.   This Transformer is really top heavy and not terribly exciting in the design department.   There were 2 other Beast Wars Transformers when I got these 3 but I decided to pass on them, because their condition was beyond hope.

I talked about the Lala Loopsys and the other items in these pictures in another post.    I thought these were a great find considering like Operetta, the Loopsys are practically brand new.  These items have become my sell fodder.

The last is a completely random item.   I picked up this doll just because I thought she had an interesting face.   This is a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi doll.   It was a show that was on Cartoon Network in like 2005.  I have heard of it but I never watched the show, so I know very little about it.   The doll apparently sings in Japanese and English.   I am going to see if I can do some repair work on her, replacing the batteries, attempting to even out the hair.  She has fallen victim to a bad hair cut.  Try to find her some clothes as well.   

Found Monster High dolls- Power Ghouls and new Beach dolls

So, I am still searching for the Scaris Duece doll, with no luck!   To make matters worse, I heard a rumor that Mattel is now shipping the budget Scaris dolls with no Deuce.   I don't know if that is true or not, but I have never seen him in any of our stores.

I did however pick up the Target exclusive Power Ghouls- Polterghoul and Wonder Wolf and the new beach Draculaura and Lagoona this week.

Whoever is responsible for the creation of the Power Ghouls line, I hope they got a raise! These dolls are AMAZING in person.   Next to the SDCC Ghoulia, these have to make the top 5 of my favorite MH dolls (Spectra especially!)

I can not wait to find the Power Ghoul Frankie and Toralei.

We also got the other 2 new beach line dolls.  I really love the new styling for these dolls.   Lagoona's sunglasses and accessories are especially cute.

I invite my readers to can check out my Monster High collection. I am up to date on most of the new releases currently.   Now if I just find that stinking Deuce, I will have accomplished something.  

Busy Week

WOW! it has been a busy week around our house.  Between birthdays and Valentine's day there has not been much time for posting.   This was a great week at the local Goodwill store and a great week for Monster High dolls.  

Pictures and posts will be coming tomorrow.  Stay tuned!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Monster High Doll Find- Venus McFlytrap from the new Beach Line.

 I picked up one of the newest Monster High beach dolls.    We were out last night and decided to stop by the only K-Mart in town.   K-Mart isn't one of my usually hunting spots.   The closest one is about 20 miles from my home.

Thankfully, it paid off.  She was the only one they had. The regular price at K-mart is $14.99.  But these and the Roller Maze dolls were slightly on sale for $13.

I really love the color combination of this doll.  It is also nice to see that she has her own accessories, not recycled ones from other dolls.

You can check out my Monster High doll collection post to see the rest of my dolls.

Thrift Find- G1 Transformer Camshaft and a Go-bot

I would like to thank the mother of a thirty something year old child, who recently cleaned out her attic.    She donated her son's Transformers (at least I am assuming they belonged to her son).   Friday seems to be my day to find these Transformers.   But, I didn't just find a Transformer.   I also found Transformer's infamous K-Mart cousin, a Go-bot.

Now, I am not going to get into a debate over which are superior.  I know which camp I sit firmly in.  I always liked the Transformers.  Let's face it, Go-bots just weren't the same.  But that's ok, I have a growing respect for them.    I am going to focus more on the Go-bot because honestly, I don't think I have seen Go-Bot  since the 80's.    

This is South Claw.   It  is from the Monsterous line.    There are 6 in this set, when combined they make one giant robot.   
 In its alternate form it looks like some sort of  Pterodactyl.   They don't really transform, they just kind of neatly fold up.   I do have to say, one thing the Go-Bots have going for them is they are much easier to "transform".    Overall, I think he is pretty cool and  I am thrilled to find it.  

It is marked 1985 Bandai.  This confused me because I thought the Go-Bot line was made by Tonka.     They were made by Tonka, but the story gets complicated.   

In 1991, Hasbro bought Tonka and its subsidiaries including Kenner.   Hasbro acquired all of Tonka's intellectual properties, which would include the Go-Bot names and storylines.  But, The rights to the toys are still owned by Bandai.  It was only licensed to Tonka and therefore not part of the buy out.    You can read more about the Go-bot franchise here.   

so in a way the Transformers and Go-Bots really are cousins.

It took me a little bit to identify Camshaft.   I originally thought it was Blue Streak, but I knew the car models were not the same.   It is dated 1984.  Camshaft is from the Generation 1, series 2.    

The only downer to this figure is his head is missing.  But a Transformer is a Transformer.  It looks cool in its alt mode.   Still, I am happy to welcome it into my little robot tribe.    

Grand total for today's find: $ 2.25

The cost of a bag o'fun.   My little girl was happy because the bag also had some My Little Ponies.   As best I can tell, they are generation 3 MLPs.     I am not sure what the purpose of a My Little Pony is.   I was never a fan as a kid.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrift Find- Master's of the UniverseGrizzlor and Kobra Khan

I am not sure if Friday is the day for vintage toys at the Goodwill or not. But, it seems like every Friday, I have good luck.    Today's thrift find is Grizzlor and Kobra Khan from Master's of the Universe.
 Grand total for these hulking beasts of badness, $2.25.   I purchased them in one of the infamous Goodwill Bags O' Fun.    

Lets take a look at Grizzlor.

He was added to the Master's of the Universe toy line in 1985.    Grizzlor was one of Hordack's henchmen.   Let's just say that he isn't the brightest of bulbs in the cartoon.  However, the MoU comic books tell a different story.

 If Chewbacca and King Kong had a love child, I think this is what you might get.   He has a full mane of plush faux brown fur.  Which by the way, he was bathed and had a blow dry.   No one wants second hand, nappy faux fur.

This is a rare case where I find a toy at the Goodwill and it has its accessories!   Grizzlor was paired up with a cross-bow.   However, after some research, it isn't his.    The cross-bow pictured is actually Leech's.     I found a website with both pictured.  Mattel is notorious for recycling parts, so this is no surprise.  They are the same weapon.  Just different colored plastic.

Lets take a look at Kobra Khan.   

Kobra Khan was added to the Master's of the Universe line in 1984.    The awesome play value on this figure is, you remove his head, fill him with water, and spray his "sleep mist" at your opponents.   I have tested him and he still sprays water.

Kobra Khan isn't the most stunning of He-Man figures.   Compared to Grizzlor, he is just kind of plain.    Still, I am happy to add them to the collection.

I am curious if there might be more He-Man figures lurking around this particular Goodwill.   More Bags 'O Fun to search through.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Found Monster High Doll- Scaris Catrine Demew

This post Sunday, between Super Bowl festivities I had the opportunity to do a little Monster High doll hunting.    I had already hit Toys R Us and Target with no success.    Then a trip to Walmart paid off.   I was able to get 2 Catrine DeMews.    I had really been looking for her since she is a Walmart exclusive doll .  

I don't think that photos really do this doll justice.  At first look, I was like "meh".  But seeing her in person, I have changed my mind about her.    I really love the graduated colors of her hair.  She is an artist and  comes with her sketches and portfolio.   Wearing a chic black and white striped outfit, she is ready for a day of sketching around Scaris.

My next most wanted Monster High doll is Scaris Deuce.   The hunt continues for him.  I will keep you updated.   If you are wanting to find out more about Monster High dolls, please check out my doll collection picture post.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Collection Picture Post- Monster High Dolls

My toy collection goes in all directions.  If it was something that I was into as a kid, chances are I have some sort of collection.  lol  No, I don't need a Hoarders intervention.  I regularly decide to sell whole collections or duplicate items.  But, there are some items that I will never willingly part with.

Right now, as far as doll collecting goes, I am really into Monster High.  I really fell in love with the dolls when they first came out.  I love the whole concept of them being teenage children of famous movie monsters.  It was a  breath of fresh air in the fashion doll market.  Don't get me wrong, I love Barbie, but sometimes the line gets tired.  

If you aren't familiar with Monster High, I hope this post will give you some more information about the dolls.  If you are a fan of Monster High, I am hope you enjoy looking at my collection.   This is not a complete collection post.   I am only focusing on the dolls, however some are not pictured.   I also have not included any pictures of playsets or fashion packs.   I may do those in later posts.  

The first wave of MH dolls are Lagoona, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura.  When I first started collecting, Lagoona was the one that really sparked my interest.   I think over all, she is just a beautifully designed doll.

The original 4 girls were followed by Ghoulia, Holt, and the Cleo & Deuce 2pk.  Ghoulia is another one of my favorite dolls.  It is sad that in some of the other MH lines, she has become a shelf warmer.

 Pictured with the Deuce and Cleo 2pk is the "Forbitten Love: 2 pk which is Clawd Wolf and Draculaura.   It actually was released later on in the toy line.

The Dawn of the Dance doll line, features the main dolls in a party attire.  The Draculaura doll was featured in a Walmart 3 pk along with Frankie and Clawdeen.    I don't have a 3 pk in box.   I picked up the Draculaura loose complete from a Craigslist listing.   She was a steal at $10.

The second set of DOTD dolls features Ghoulia, Deuce, and Lagoona.   Mattel likes to short pack the guys.  So Deuce is very sought after.   The DOTD Lagoona is another of my favorite MH dolls.  I love her dress and hair combination.  She reminds me of a seahorse, which is completely fitting for her.

The Wave 2 basic dolls, also called  "School's Out" Dolls.   This set features Frankie, Clawdeen, Cleo and Lagoona.    My Lagoona is de-boxed.  I can't help myself.  She really is one of the prettiest dolls.

"Day at the Maul"  Draculaura and  Frankie are budget line dolls.   Which are dressed in their signature colors, but do not have all of the accessories that the deluxe dolls have.   The clothes these dolls are wearing were also packaged in the Day at the Maul Fashion pack.

The "Gloom Beach" doll line features the girls of Monster High in bathing suits.   Frankie, Cleo, Draculaura, Clawdeen, and Jackson make up this budget line of dolls.   This also marked the first release of the character Jackson.   I opted not to purchase the dolls individually.   Target offered a "Gloom Beach" 5 pk, that included an exclusive Ghoulia doll.   I felt it was more cost effective to purchase this line of dolls this way.

 These 3 dolls are the "Classroom" Dolls.   The line features Physical Deaducation Ghoulia, Home Ick Frankie, and Mad Science Lagoona.   Each doll comes with an extra outfit, locker, hair brush, stand, and accessories that go with each class.
These dolls were re-released at Christmas (2012) without their lockers.   Those dolls I believe were available only at Walmart and retailed for around $10. I think they were an item included in the Black Friday sales.   However, I am not sure if that information is completely accurate.   They may have been available at other stores.

The "Sweet 1600" doll line, celebrates Draculaura's Sweet 1,600th birthday.   This line features Draculaura, Frankie, Clawdeen, and Clawd Wolf   (Clawdeen's brother and Draculaura's boyfriend)   Each doll comes with a gift for Draculaura.
 Pictured below with the Feerleading 3 pack is C.A Cupid.   Cupid was  originally a Walmart "Sweet 1600"   exclusive doll.   The box was later changed and the character had a wider re-release to other stores.   The re-released doll also included a diary.

The Feerleading 3 pk is a Toys R Us exclusive set.   It features Cleo and Draculaura is scream team uniforms and Ghoulia as the Monster High #1 fan.   Ghoulia comes with a foam figure which is hilarious.  For me, that totally makes this set worth it.

Ghouls just want to have fund and nothing is more fun then having a sleepover with your ghoul friends.  The first wave of Dead Tired dolls features Frankie, Ghoulia, Cleo, and Draculaura.  These are budget dolls retailing for around $12.99.

Dead Tired Lagoon comes with a Hydration Station.   This is another favorite item.  The Hydration Station can be filled with water.   Lagoona is placed in the "sleep" chamber.  When you push a button, the station lights up and bubbles.
Dead Tired Clawdeen (V1) comes with the "Room to Howl" bed.

The second wave of "Dead Tired" includes another Draculaura, Clawdeen, and the addition of Abbey.    Not pictured is Abbey.   I was kind of disappointed with the rehash of the same characters.  Although, the Abbey is rather cute.   I would have loved to see Spectra or another of the new characters.

As the Monster High doll line has grown in popularity, new basic edition characters have been added.    Spectra and Abbey were two of the hardest dolls for me to find.    It took me several long and very frustrating months to find Abbey, not only for myself but also for me little girl.   Abbey is her favorite because of those fuzzy boots.

 Pictured in this grouping is the basic character dolls of Operetta.   She is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera.    This one has quickly become one of my favorites, simple because of her being related to the Phantom.   Although, I wish her doll had been styled differently. Torali, is the daughter of a werecat. And lastly, is Nefra.    She is Cleo's older sister and unfortunately not very popular.  For awhile, I would refer to her as "the Egyptian plague"    For the longest time, she was the only doll that could be found on the shelves.   What makes Nefera unique is that she is the tallest of the girls, because she is older then them.

Rochelle is the daughter of the Gargoyles.   This doll is really strikingly beautiful.   Her skin looks like stone.    The other doll pictured is the basic edition Jackson.   He is the alter ego of Holt Hyde who was introduced early in the doll line.

I love the way the next two dolls are styled.  They really are stunning in person.  Robecca Steam is the daughter of a Mad Scientist.   The detailing on her body is really spectacular.   The second doll is Venus McFlytrap.  I love the color of this doll.   She is a plant on a mission to save the Earth.   The pets with these two are some of the cutest by far.

The "Skull Shores" doll line is another beach line.  This set has Ghoulia (which sadly was a shelf warmer), Draculaura, Lagoona, Abbey, and Gil.   Gil is one of the impossible dolls to get.  I saw him several times and passed on him.   I finally got an open doll at a reasonable price.
This set also has the special edition Black and White Frankie doll.   She was released for sell on a Friday the 13th for the sale price of $4.13.

I ended up buying each of these dolls individually.  Then Target released a new exclusive 5 pack of this set.   The 5 pack includes  an exclusive color version of Frankie, Cleo, and Clawdeen.    I love the Cleo and Clawdeen dolls from this pack.

The "Skull Shores" special also inspired me to make my first Monster High inspired custom doll.   You can read about my Tiki doll in another post.

With the dolls becoming more and more popular, more store exclusive dolls have been produced.   The Werecat 2 pack is a Toys R Us exclusive set.
The Wolf sister set is an exclusive set unique to Target.  It is also the first Howleen doll.   Howleen is smaller then the other dolls because she is younger then the other girls.

The "Scary Tales"  line of dolls is another Target exclusive.   This set features Frankie as "Thearderella", Draculaura as "Snow Bite, and Clawdeen as "Little Dead Riding Hood".   I love this set because of their beautiful costumes.

 The "Dot Dead Georgous" line is very similar to the DOTD series.   Again, the girls are dressed in party dresses.   The basic dolls are Lagoona, Operetta, and Spectra.    I was really surprised when I found a loose DDG Operetta at the Goodwill.  You can read more about that find in another post.

Again, Walmart offered an exclusive 3 pk. This set includes "Dot Dead Gorgeous"  Draculaura, Abbey, and Ghoulia.

The "Roller Maze" doll line comes from the "Friday Night Frights" special which was supposed to air on television but never did.   It later was released on DVD as a double feature with "Why do Ghouls Fall in Love?".  There is also a video game inspired by the Roller Maze dolls.

The budget line of dolls features the ghouls dressed as roller derby girls.    There is Frankie, Lagoona, Operetta, and Ghoulia.

K-Mart had an exclusive 2 pack with Ghoulia and Abbey.

 And just recently,  Mattel released a Roller Maze Clawdeen and single Abbey.

UPDATE (3/10/13):   I picked up a Roller Maze Clawdeen today at my local Target.   I think I am
going to pass on the single boxed Abbey doll.   She is just like the doll that was previously released in the K-Mart 2 pk.

I (heart) Fashion  dolls are exclusives from Toys R Us.   The Abbey and Frankie come with extra outfits and shoes.   I have them as part of my collection but they aren't necessarily in my favorites.

"Ghouls Rule" dolls were released in connection with the" Ghouls Rule" feature dvd.   The ghouls are dressed for a spectacular Halloween.   The doll line includes Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, and Frankie.    The Ghouls Rule Clawdeen is one of my least favorite.  I do not care for her costume at all.  I dare say that she is just ugly.

The "Ghouls Rule" Abbey doll is a Walmart exclusive doll.

The "Scaris: City of Fright"  doll line features two new characters.    Skelita and Jinafire are new additions.   I absolutely love both of these dolls.  Skelita is inspired by the sugar skulls associated with Dia de Los Muertos.    Jinafire is inspired by Chinese dragons.  Both are beautifully designed and there costumes include a lot of detailing.     Along with Skelita and Jinafire, there is another Frankie, Clawdeen, and Rochelle.

UPDATE:  I added Scaris Catrine Demew to my collection on 2/3/2013.   Catrine DeMew is a Walmart exclusive doll for the Scaris line.

There is also a budget line of Scaris dolls.   Those include a new Deuce, Ghoulia, Draculaura, and Abbey.

UPDATE: (2/22/13):   I purchased Scaris Deuce from a friend in a MH dolls group and it arrived today.   I am still hoping that I can find one locally.  Just have not seen him in any stores.

(3/8/13)  Picked up another Scaris Deuce.  I got him out of the case at Walmart.

(3/13/13)  Picked up another Scaris Deuce today at the TRU.   I have learned my lesson about the boys.   I have a feeling that the extras will become trade fodder later on.

UPDATE (3-13-13)   I picked up the Scaris 2 pk featuring Lagoona and Cleo.   This pack is a Toys R Us exclusive.   I am really excited about these dolls.   I think they are 2 of the prettiest to come out in a while.

UPDATE (3/29/13)-   I picked up Scaris Draculaura, Abbey, Ghoulia, and another Deuce while they were on sale at Walmart for $10.  This purchase completes the Scaris line for me.

The "Picture Day" line of dolls is kind of like the wave 2 line.   This time the ghouls are dressed their best for school picture day.  THe line includes Draculaura, Abbey, Cleo and Spectra.   I think the stand out doll in this line is Cleo.  I love the vivid blue of her outfit.   The only doll not pictured is Spectra.

UPDATE (2/22/13) Picked up a Picture Day Spectra today.   I had passed on getting her when I got the others because the box was beat up.

Update (5/19/13)-  Picked up the second wave of the Picture Day dolls.  It has been a while
since I found anything new.    Adding Picture Day Lagoona and Frankie to my collection.  Still need to pick up the Picture Day Operetta.

UPDATE: (2/9/13)   I added the newest Venus McFlytrap in bathing suit to my collection.     There is also a new beach Draculaura and Lagoona.

UPDATE: (2/15/13I just picked up the Draculaura and the Lagoon that go with the beach Venus.   I absolutely love these dolls.  Happy to see they new accessories.

UPDATE (2/15/13)The Power Ghouls Polterghoul and Wonder Wolf are Target exclusives.  These dolls make my top 5 favorite Monster High dolls.    I can not wait to get the Frankie and Toralei dolls that are part of this line.    I have these displayed with my SDCC Ghoulia.

UPDATE 10/25/13:  Picked up Frankie as Voltageous and Toralei as Catastrophe.  So I now have all of the current Power Ghoul dolls.   I really hope they do more characters for this line.  It is one of the best designed sub-lines in the Monster High franchise.

UPDATE (2/16/13)-  Picked up 3 of the Dance class dolls from Justice.   Thanks to a nice sale, the dolls were less then the price at Walmart and Target.   Each doll represents a different style of dance.   Lagoona is ballet, Operetta is swing, Rebecca is tap, and Howleen is hip hop.

Not pictured yet is Howleen.

Update (3/29/13)-  Picked up the new Werecat Fearleading pack.  I love this set!  I was afraid this set would be hard to get, but so far the TRU exclusives have proven to be the easiest to acquire.

Update (5/30/13) - I picked up Headmistress Bloodgood.   She is a Toys R Us exclusive.  She comes packaged with her horse Nightmare.  I was happy my local store finally got their shipment of her.

UPDATE (6/21/13)-  My local Toys R Us had the new 13 Wishes line of dolls in stock, along with the two newest Classroom 2 packs.   Tywla, Lagoona, and Howleen pictured along with the Heath and Abbey Home Ick and Ghoulia and Cleo Mad Science 2 pk.

Update 12/3/13-  I no longer purchase the budget line dolls.  I am only going to concentrate on new characters.   I may continue with store exclusives, depending on the character and clothing.    All of my single boxed budget line dolls pictured in this post have been donated to the Salvation Army's Angel Tree.   The only budget dolls I kept are those not available in 5 packs.

Update 8/6/14-  A long overdue update to the collection. SDCC exclusive Manny & Iris, Jane Boolittle, Honey Swamp, Viperine, .

 From my Update post, pictured dolls are Jane Boolittle.  She is the daughter of a witch doctor.  And from the Frights, Camera, Action doll line Viperine.  For pictures of Manny and Iris (see below) posted with the other SDCC dolls.   More pictures to follow

Some of the rarest and hardest to get Monster High dolls are those that come from San Diego Comic Con.   The first Comic Con exclusive doll was released in 2010, which was a Black and White Frankie doll.   I have not added her to my collection yet.  It is my hope that I will be able to add her this year.

 However, I do have the 2011 and 2012 SDCC exclusive dolls.   The 2011 doll is Dead Fast Ghoulia.   She is dressed as her favorite comic book character Dead Fast.   I really relate to this doll, as I also love to cosplay and attend conventions.  This Ghoulia was a gift from my husband.

The 2012 SDCC doll is actually a 2 pack.   Scarah Screams and Hoodude.   Both of these characters appear in the webisodes.   Admittedly, I was not overly excited when it was announced that Scarah was the Comic Con doll.   But, after seeing her in person, she has grown on me.

The SDCC 2013 doll is Weberella.   I just recently added her to my collection after a trade.   This doll is very interesting.  She still doesn't blow me away as much as the SDCC Ghoulia.   But I do like the detail in her boots and her pet.

The SDCC 2014 doll set is Manny and Iris.  My doll just arrived yesterday (see update post above).
 I think this is one of the nicest sets, better then years past.  Still none compare to Deadfast Ghoulia.

 Please come back and check out my update posts as I add more dolls to my Monster High collection.

** This post is in no way sponsored by Mattel or Monster High.  I have received no compensation for this post.  I have purchased all of the dolls pictured in this post for my personal  collection.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own. **