Saturday, March 30, 2013

Monster High Update- Werecat Fearleading 3 pk and Scaris dolls

Today was a great day for Monster High hunting.   I was able to pick up the Werecat Fearleading 3 pk which is a Toys R Us exclusive.   They also had a special offer going this week.  If you spend $40 on Monster High products you got a free Monster High throw blanket .  It is a $17 blanket, the fearleading pack is $43, so my daughter will love the new blanket.

I also picked up the last of the Scaris dolls.   I had not been in a rush to pick up the budget dolls.  The only one that I had really been looking for was, of course, Deuce.   Which I was able to pick up another one, giving me 3 Deuces.  I will be saving those for later trades.   Walmart had them marked down to $10 this week, so I thought now would be a good time to pick them up.  I have updated my Monster High Collection post, so you can check out the other items in my Monster High Collection.

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