Friday, March 8, 2013

Found Scaris Deuce in the wilds of Walmart, FINALLY!!

A couple of weeks ago, I updated my Monster High collection with the Scaris Deuce.  I had bought him from a friend in Chicago.    I just had not been able to find him anywhere in my local stores.    Well, tonight we were in Walmart picking up a few items for the weekend.   So naturally, we always check to see if they have anything new in the toy department.  

The stock workers were starting to bring out the pallets of stock.   It was a small amount for the toy department.  There was one lone Mattel box sitting on the pallet.  Usually, the boxes will say what is inside, but this box was different.  It had just a few shipping like labels.   We almost passed it by.  But, we got to looking at the label, it said MH Scaris.    WOO HOOO !!  JACKPOT!    This Deuce is box fresh.   Finally!! We got one in the wild!!   score for the toy safari!

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