Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monster High Collection update: Scaris 2 pk found today!!

I had some free time this morning, so I was able to check out the local Toys R Us.    Since it was early in the morning, I was able to get there just as they were stocking.   I kind of hit the jackpot.    Toys R Us has been having a great sale on Monster High (BOGO 50% off).   With the 2 pk. being 29.99, I was  able to get the second set for $15.    I am not sure what I will do with the second set.  I might just open them.

I really love this set of dolls.   It is a toss up as to which one is the prettiest!   I love Lagoona's hair clip and shoes.    The Cleo is really striking.   I am so glad that they are giving her a little more attention.   I think this Cleo and the Picture Day Cleo  are 2 of the best styled Cleos.

It was also a great day because I went for so long without finding a Scaris Deuce and now I am finding him on a regular basis.  I picked up another one this morning.   I think the extra guys will become trade fodder in the near future.

I have updated my Monster High Collection post.   You can read more about my Monster High dolls there.

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