Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fangirl Arts and Crafts

When I am not spending my free time at the Goodwill or the flea market, I love to get arts and craftsy.    I thought I would share a few my favorite projects.  

I am big fan of the Goodwill bags of fun.   You know you get the good, the bad, and the ugly.   When you weed out all of the good stuff, sometimes you have a pile of leftovers.   What do you do with them?  Re- donate, yes I have done that.    Dump them in the isle of misfit toys?   yes, I end up with a box full of stuff.  

I had the idea to make this I Spy mirror for my son's bedroom.    It is an easy project and doesn't really require a lot of materials.   Most of them you can either find around your house or at your local Goodwill.

I found an inexpensive wooden framed mirror.  Then I glued an assortment of leftover toys to the surface.  Some are game pieces, vending machine prizes, happy meal toys and bottle caps.  

Unfortunately, the picture isn't the greatest, so it is hard to see some of the really small toys, but you get the idea.    These are great for kid's rooms or your own geek caves.   They can be customized in any theme.  

One of my other hobbies that I love to paint.  Since I can't always find awesome geek wear for some of my favorite characters, I make my own.    These are my hand painted Admiral Ackbar tennis shoes.    I picked up again, an inexpensive pair of canvas slip on shoes.  Then I decked them out to celebrate Admiral Ackbar cereal.    I have re-created several pairs and sold them in my Etsy store.  

 I also do Star Wars cosplay.  I have got to show my love for my character.   Here is my favorite picture me, in my Admiral Ackbar costume.    That is me with Tim Rose,  Admiral Ackbar himself.   I had the opportunity to meet him last year at Fanboy Expo in Knoxville.

Hope you enjoy some of my fangirl arts and crafts.

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