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The Dark Path of My Little Ponies - Collection Picture Post

I am a child of the 80's and I remember when the My Little Ponies came out.  I never cared for them.  Matter of fact, I really hated them.  I wasn't that horse crazy girl who begged for a pony every time my birthday came around.    My biggest question about them has always been, what exactly is the purpose of a my little pony?

Well recently, we got some ponies from the bags o' fun at the Goodwill.  A few days later,  we picked up some more at the flea market.  The plan was to clean up and style the ponies hair.   We would then list the ponies in one of the doll groups I belong to for sale or trade.  Two things happened:   A.) my little girl decided that she didn't want to sell or trade them.   and
B. )  I found that the simple act of brushing their hair is relaxing.  I guess it is their simplicity that has help keep this toy line thriving.  I have been sucked in by their cuteness!  The ponies have sort of mesmerized me.   I find myself becoming more interested in the line as I research and identify the ponies we have.  In researching the ponies, I have really learned a lot about the toys. Some of the ponies we picked up are considered hard to find.   I never realized how many years the pony line has run and all of the types of ponies.

I am kind of like my daughter and finding that I don't really want to sell them.   Secretly, every time I walk in a Goodwill, I hope to find at least one.     Just yesterday, we came home with a custom bag o' fun full of nothing but ponies.( Yes, I re-pack the bags o' fun more to my personal liking.)  Surprisingly, we have yet to get any duplicate ponies.   We have only been collecting MLPs for about a month and half now.  And, well they have grown on me, especially the generation 1 ponies.  The ones I so hated in my childhood.

Generation 1  refers to ponies made between the years of 1983-1992.

The first pony in our collection is a G1 Blosson.    Blossom is one of the original 6 ponies.   This Blossom was in rough shape when we got her.  After a good soak and a lot of scrubbing, I finally got her cleaned.   There is some damage around the tail area.  But after  a good comb out, I think she looks pretty good for a well loved 30 year  old toy.

The next few G1 ponies were in even worse shape compared to Blossom.   These poor little ponies fell victim to bad bang trims and some bad custom makeup.

Parasol was a mail order rainbow pony from 1982-83.   She is a soft pink color with glittery umbrellas on her back haunches.  Overall, she cleaned up well.  There is still a few ink marks on her. She lost the first 5 strands of mane.  Hopefully, I can find some hair to match and re-root those few strands.

Sunbeam is a G1 unicorn.  It is pale blue with white and a streak of yellow hair.  It has a glittery sun for a cutie mark.   This one cleaned up rather well.  No ink marks or cut hair.

Melody is a pegasus pony with glittery musical notes.   This one had a big letter H written on her and took  a lot of work to clean.   Thankfully, she has all of her hair.

Sealight the Sea Pony  The Sea Ponies, I get the idea.  But, they are just really strange looking.   They are not free standing unless you have their display shell.   I am not sure if they were supposed to be some sort of bath toy.  There really isn't any other way to play with them.

 Sealight is from 1982 and would have a large green sea shell.

Peach Blossom and Honeysuckle are Flutter Ponies.    Sadly, though they no longer have their wings.   These ponies are G1, year 4 dated 1986 Hasbro.

Peach Blossom is in good condition but Honeysuckle has some damage on her leg and it looks like she got zebra striped with a pink highlighter.  Her hair is also really super frizzy. I am still working to tame her mane.

Bunnyhop is a Precious Pocket Pony (G1).  This one is really cute. The cutie mark is a wand.  Attached to the string is a little pink rabbit that comes out of the hat.

The picture doesn't do this one justice.  It's hair is much nicer looking now.  It had just gotten a long bath and a scrub with a magic eraser. 

This is Pretty Puff (G1).  She is from the Secret Surprise line.   I was really excited to find this one complete.  The saddle is the lid for a secret compartment.

This one was also in really good shape.  It is dated 1990 Hasbro.

This is Pretty Beat (G1) from the Rockin Beat Pony line.  Her retro colors really date her.  The colors kind of remind me of those old Caboodle make-up carriers.   This one is complete with its guitar hair brush.

It is dated Hasbro 1990.

That is all of the Generation 1 ponies that we have found  so far.   The rest of the ponies pictured are Generation 3.

The first G3 is a Toys R Us Birthday Flower Pony, September Aster.   This one is a rare exception.  This one my daughter actually got as a prize from a little festival we went to.  Come to find out it is one of the harder to find ponies.

This is Port-o-bella  which comes from a K-Mart exclusive 2 pk.

The other ponies in our growing collection are common, but still they are growing on me.

We have Twirlerina,  a Pegasus pony with a bow cutie mark.

Extra long hair Dibble-Dabble is one of the Jewel Ponies.   Her hair was a hot mess and took a lot of work to get brushed out.

Her cutie mark is a paint pallet with a gem stone in the center.

This one is Citrus Sweetie.  In researching, I found out that this one is supposed to be scented.   It still has a little bit of scent but it is very faint.

This one is Star Beam.   There are 2 versions of this particular pony.   There is a regular release and a discount store release.  This is the regular release.  The difference in the 2 is the fancy hoof.

Snow'el is a Target exclusive pony.   Interestingly,  there is a pegasus pony with the same name and another pony with named Mittens with the same cutie mark.


                  Strawberry Reef

Tea Lily is a baby pony.   She appears in 3 MLP sets.   One is an Avon exclusive, another is a JC Penney exclusive set.

The last set is a discount chain 3 pack.      In that set, you got Tea Lily, Sweetberry (pictured with Tea Lily) and Peach Surprise.

This is the first time that I have actually found ponies that go together in the same place.

Fairy Fun was released as a Halloween pony.    She should have a set of fairy wings that would complete her.

Soda Float is supposed to be scented like root beer.   This is the second pony in our collection that at one time was scented.

This is one of the many versions of Pinkie Pie.   This particular one has Pinkie Pie and some balloons on the leg.

Not Pictured:
Pink SunSparkle-  Is a baby pony that when released came out with the Celebration Castle.   She was also included in an exclusive Target 3 pack.
We also have Bunches of Fun.  She is another pink pony with a bouquet of flowers on her back haunches.   She is currently undergoing restoration.   She got painted with either blue glitter paint or glitter glue.   It is taking a little bit more work then I expected to get her in good condition.

Like my Monster High collection post, I will update this post as we add more ponies to our collection.   For now, I don't think the ponies will be going up for sell or trade.  I see us adding more to our collection soon.

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