Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Custom dress for Rosetta

Last week, I picked up 2 naked Disney fairy dolls.   Since it was on President's Day, everything was half off at the Goodwill.  I got the pair for a $1.   Otherwise, I probably would have passed on them.

 I had originally tried to sell the pair of dolls but the buyer I had found decided not to get them.   I was going to re-donate them but my little girl liked them.    I decided I would go ahead and try to restore them.   The Silver Mist doll is in better condition then Rosetta.   I bought Silver Mist's original dress from a member of a doll group I belong to.   It should arrive in a few days.

Rosetta is the one who need a little bit of work.   She had fallen victim to a bad hair cut.  So I started out getting her hair styled.  It took a little work, but I evened out her hair as best I could.
The doll still had its original tights, however there was a little tear on the seam.   It was easy to repair.
 I made her a tutu  dress out of tulle and used a scrap piece of sequined black fabric to create the top.      The Winx accessory pack (pictured above)  is another Goodwill find.  I  gt it for .$50.  I removed the peg that holds the wings in place on a Winx doll and glued the wings to Rosetta's back. Once the wings were in place, I dressed her.   She is wearing the black boots from the Novi Star fashion pack (another Goodwill find, $1.50)

Overall, I think she turned out well. I can't decide if I like her skirt long or if I should shorten it.   I guess I will let my daughter decide.  I know that she will be surprised in the morning when she sees the finished Rosetta.

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