Saturday, February 16, 2013

Thrift Find- Monster High DDG Operetta, Tim Gunn Barbie fashion pack,and some Beast Wars Transformers to name a few

I don't know what the heck is going on at our local Goodwill store.   It opened last December and ever since they have been getting the good stuff!!     This week was the best so far!

If you have seen any of my other posts,  I have a collection of Monster High dolls.   This week in a bag o' fun, my little girl and I found a  Drop Dead Gorgeous Operetta!   She is the first MH doll that I have ever found at a thrift store.   It is surprising because she is brand new.   I would expect to find possibly an older doll in questionable condition.  But this one is still available in stores and fairly easy to find.   She still had her earrings, mask and necklace.  The rubber band holding the necklace in place is still there.   All she needed was a pair of shoes, which was easily taken care of.

The store that I like to go to the most doesn't usually get a lot of stuff from Target.  Usually, that goes to another store.  But for some reason I got lucky!    I found a Tim Gunn Barbie fashion pack for $4.

The fashion packs at Target sold for $24.95, which was $5 less then the Tim Gunn Barbie dolls.     I was thrilled to find this!  I love Project Runway and Tim Gunn!  For Christmas, my husband gave me one of the Tim Gunn Barbie dolls.   But now with the fashion pack, I have 2 Tim Gunn Barbies.

All of the small accessory pieces are still in the packaging. I only removed the blouse, skirt, and shoes to put on the doll.

The Barbie wearing the fashion pack I got back in December at the Goodwill.   She is one of the model Barbie dolls and was only a $1.   I put her in my "secret stash" hoping I would find some clothing for her.   I think the 2 are a perfect match.

My addiction to Transformers is growing.  Now, I would generally prefer that my Transformers be trucks and not monkeys.   But holy moly! , when you see a large metallic blue baboon sitting on the shelf, you just have to check it out.

B'Boom is actually a mandrill for the 1997 Beast Wars Transformers line.    He isn't in the greatest of shape.  There is one part missing from his chest.  But, like I said, a metallic blue monkey is just cool to look at.

I also picked up a couple of his Beast War sidekicks.   Both are in rough shape with missing parts.  They still look decent in robot mode.

The yellow and green on is a Cheetor Transmetal Deluxe figure from 1999.   He is missing his robot form arms.    The Elephant is Ironhide.  It is missing its elephant head and another tusk.   This Transformer is really top heavy and not terribly exciting in the design department.   There were 2 other Beast Wars Transformers when I got these 3 but I decided to pass on them, because their condition was beyond hope.

I talked about the Lala Loopsys and the other items in these pictures in another post.    I thought these were a great find considering like Operetta, the Loopsys are practically brand new.  These items have become my sell fodder.

The last is a completely random item.   I picked up this doll just because I thought she had an interesting face.   This is a Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi doll.   It was a show that was on Cartoon Network in like 2005.  I have heard of it but I never watched the show, so I know very little about it.   The doll apparently sings in Japanese and English.   I am going to see if I can do some repair work on her, replacing the batteries, attempting to even out the hair.  She has fallen victim to a bad hair cut.  Try to find her some clothes as well.   

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