Sunday, February 24, 2013

Flea Market Find- G1 My Little Ponies, Bio Glow Swamp Thing, and Star Wars EU Thrawn

This weeks little outing to the flea market turned up some good finds.   We picked up an assortment of first generation My Little Ponies.   All were in need of a good bath and some hair brushing.     Grand total for them was $2.75

I also bought some figures that were priced 5 for a $1.    The 2 best  figures were  a 1990 Kenner Bio Glow Swamp Thing and a Star Wars figure.

 The Swamp Thing figures stem from the short lived cartoon.   I remember I used to love the movie, but I honestly haven't seen that movie in 25 years.

In the same lot, I got a loose Star Wars: Expanded Universe Grand Admiral Thrawn.   I remember when those figures were supposed to be in stores.   They were nearly impossible to find locally.   I ended up buying a couple off of Ebay.    No accessories, just the fact that he was loose and in the wild is mind boogling.

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