Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Found Monster High Doll- Scaris Catrine Demew

This post Sunday, between Super Bowl festivities I had the opportunity to do a little Monster High doll hunting.    I had already hit Toys R Us and Target with no success.    Then a trip to Walmart paid off.   I was able to get 2 Catrine DeMews.    I had really been looking for her since she is a Walmart exclusive doll .  

I don't think that photos really do this doll justice.  At first look, I was like "meh".  But seeing her in person, I have changed my mind about her.    I really love the graduated colors of her hair.  She is an artist and  comes with her sketches and portfolio.   Wearing a chic black and white striped outfit, she is ready for a day of sketching around Scaris.

My next most wanted Monster High doll is Scaris Deuce.   The hunt continues for him.  I will keep you updated.   If you are wanting to find out more about Monster High dolls, please check out my doll collection picture post.

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