Monday, February 18, 2013

Thrift Find: President's Day Sale at the Goodwill today

With it being President's Day the entire Goodwill store was 50% off.    It was a lite toy day.   I picked up a few things that I am hoping I will be able to re-sale.    I also got a 2002 Transformer that will be added to the tribe from a bag o'fun.

The greatest find of the day was this bag.   I saw another lady looking at it and was just hoping that she would put it back.  Luckily, she decided against it and I swooped it up.  It has a very bohemian quality about it.  I fell in love with it.

Believe me, I have been showing to anybody and everybody who would look and listen.     I don't really think the bag has been used that much.   Maybe somebody brought it home as a souvenir from a trip?   I picture it belonging to a gobal explorer.   The bag is leather on the inside, sides, and trim.   Looking at the leather inside, it isn't scuffed at all.  
 The buckles and closure are made of brass.  I am wanting to polish them up.   The tapestry looks to be handmade and possible South American.

The picture doesn't really do it justice. The colors in the tapestry are lovely.   It has a beauty and a richness that just can't be found in anything massed produced.   That is a funny statement coming from a mass produced toy addict.    I guess this bag provides some needed contrast to all of the my toy posting.   

With everything in the store being 50% off today, I got the bag for the grand total of $2.25.  

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