Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrift Find- Master's of the UniverseGrizzlor and Kobra Khan

I am not sure if Friday is the day for vintage toys at the Goodwill or not. But, it seems like every Friday, I have good luck.    Today's thrift find is Grizzlor and Kobra Khan from Master's of the Universe.
 Grand total for these hulking beasts of badness, $2.25.   I purchased them in one of the infamous Goodwill Bags O' Fun.    

Lets take a look at Grizzlor.

He was added to the Master's of the Universe toy line in 1985.    Grizzlor was one of Hordack's henchmen.   Let's just say that he isn't the brightest of bulbs in the cartoon.  However, the MoU comic books tell a different story.

 If Chewbacca and King Kong had a love child, I think this is what you might get.   He has a full mane of plush faux brown fur.  Which by the way, he was bathed and had a blow dry.   No one wants second hand, nappy faux fur.

This is a rare case where I find a toy at the Goodwill and it has its accessories!   Grizzlor was paired up with a cross-bow.   However, after some research, it isn't his.    The cross-bow pictured is actually Leech's.     I found a website with both pictured.  Mattel is notorious for recycling parts, so this is no surprise.  They are the same weapon.  Just different colored plastic.

Lets take a look at Kobra Khan.   

Kobra Khan was added to the Master's of the Universe line in 1984.    The awesome play value on this figure is, you remove his head, fill him with water, and spray his "sleep mist" at your opponents.   I have tested him and he still sprays water.

Kobra Khan isn't the most stunning of He-Man figures.   Compared to Grizzlor, he is just kind of plain.    Still, I am happy to add them to the collection.

I am curious if there might be more He-Man figures lurking around this particular Goodwill.   More Bags 'O Fun to search through.

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