Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thrift Find- G1 Transformer Camshaft and a Go-bot

I would like to thank the mother of a thirty something year old child, who recently cleaned out her attic.    She donated her son's Transformers (at least I am assuming they belonged to her son).   Friday seems to be my day to find these Transformers.   But, I didn't just find a Transformer.   I also found Transformer's infamous K-Mart cousin, a Go-bot.

Now, I am not going to get into a debate over which are superior.  I know which camp I sit firmly in.  I always liked the Transformers.  Let's face it, Go-bots just weren't the same.  But that's ok, I have a growing respect for them.    I am going to focus more on the Go-bot because honestly, I don't think I have seen Go-Bot  since the 80's.    

This is South Claw.   It  is from the Monsterous line.    There are 6 in this set, when combined they make one giant robot.   
 In its alternate form it looks like some sort of  Pterodactyl.   They don't really transform, they just kind of neatly fold up.   I do have to say, one thing the Go-Bots have going for them is they are much easier to "transform".    Overall, I think he is pretty cool and  I am thrilled to find it.  

It is marked 1985 Bandai.  This confused me because I thought the Go-Bot line was made by Tonka.     They were made by Tonka, but the story gets complicated.   

In 1991, Hasbro bought Tonka and its subsidiaries including Kenner.   Hasbro acquired all of Tonka's intellectual properties, which would include the Go-Bot names and storylines.  But, The rights to the toys are still owned by Bandai.  It was only licensed to Tonka and therefore not part of the buy out.    You can read more about the Go-bot franchise here.   

so in a way the Transformers and Go-Bots really are cousins.

It took me a little bit to identify Camshaft.   I originally thought it was Blue Streak, but I knew the car models were not the same.   It is dated 1984.  Camshaft is from the Generation 1, series 2.    

The only downer to this figure is his head is missing.  But a Transformer is a Transformer.  It looks cool in its alt mode.   Still, I am happy to welcome it into my little robot tribe.    

Grand total for today's find: $ 2.25

The cost of a bag o'fun.   My little girl was happy because the bag also had some My Little Ponies.   As best I can tell, they are generation 3 MLPs.     I am not sure what the purpose of a My Little Pony is.   I was never a fan as a kid.  

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