Saturday, February 23, 2013

Slow week for the retro safari, except I got Scaris Deuce

Wow!  This week has been an all time low in toy hunting.   The weather has stunk this week and since the President's Day blowout sale, my favorite Goodwill store has been S-L-O-W to restock much of anything.    The bags o'fun were plentiful today. It is sad when you can't find even 1 thing to make it worth buying.   The bags  were filled with rejected "Lanards" and Happy Meal toys.    

Now as for Monster High dolls, I was able to add to Scaris Deuce to my collection.  You would think that I would be more excited about adding him to the collection.   Truthfully, I am happy to have him.  I am just kind of disappointed that I haven't found him in any of our stores. I ended up purchasing from a friend in Chicago.   This doll has been driving me crazy.  I have never seen it in a store!  I like to catch my toys in the wild.   At least, I saw Gil 3 times before it got crazy to get him.   I wish I had bought everyone of him I saw.

I also picked up Picture Day Spectra.   The store shelves are covered with Picture Day dolls.  I did not get her when I got the other 3 dolls.   The store only had 1 Spectra and her box was beat up.  But, I have that set of dolls complete now.

You can check out my updated Monster High collection post.

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