Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lego Minifigures- Series 9

Sunday while we were out getting some snacks for the a Super Bowl party, we came across the new series 9 Lego minifigure packs.   I got them at our local Toys R Us.   As a general rule,  I really hate shopping at Toys R Us because they are so over priced  ($3.19 each).    Buy them at Target or Walmart whenever possible and save a few cents.

This series has some really cute figures.    Notably, the Chicken Man and Mermaid.    I am happy that they have been adding more girl figures to these sets.    I personally never buy all of the figures, we just kind of pick and choose our favorites.

After a couple of hand cramps riffling through the packages to find the ones I wanted, I finally found the chicken man.   He is fairly easy to find, just feel for the parts on the head.    The mermaid is also easy to find because of her tail.

The last figure I picked up was the roller derby girl.   She is a little  more tricky to find.   You would think that the skates would be easy to find, but they are very tiny.   In our pack, we were able to pick out the helmet but not the skates.   The skates were already stuck to the stand.

The next ones I would like to get are the movie star, celtic girl, and the troll.

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  1. Oh Lego... I cannot Lego of you. Get it? XD

    I have to agree. Toys R Us tend to be overpriced, more so on those master grade gunplas and such. Also, while I like collecting Lego figures, I don’t really collect the whole set and just get my favorites for a particular set. One I like was a stormtrooper minifigure from a previous series, can’t remember which one it was in. I would probably get the Chicken Suit Guy, the Knight and the Waiter, just because he’s a gentleman waiter. :P

    Tucker Inman