Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thrift Find- 1995 Hallmark Sweet Valentine Barbie

The bags of fun, haven't been all that fun lately at my favorite Goodwill store.    I mean last week, they had a bag of used pencils with a couple of  Happy Meal toys thrown in for good measure.   So, when we saw a few Barbies and some Bratz dolls  in the bags this week, it was worth taking a look at.   The Bratz had fallen victim to bad hair cuts, which was ok with me.  Not really a fan of those dolls, but the Barbies were worth taking a looking at.

The best of the Barbies was this one.   She is a 1995 Hallmark Sweet Valentine Barbie.  
The dress is in overall good shape. There is a little damage to the sheer material in the front panel.    She still has her original necklace.   The hair style needs a little work, but it isn't terrible.   I think I will be able to brush it out and then boil perm it back to its original styling.

 Like most thrift store Barbies, this beauty is barefoot. But, it should be easy enough to pick up a pair of pink heels.

In the bag with this doll were some other fashion doll accessory pieces which I plan on trading off.

Total: $2.25

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