Sunday, March 31, 2013

Some flea market finds: Psycho the Go-Bot, Harley Quinn, and Ecto1

Yesterday, the weather was beautiful thankfully!  After a week of freezing temps and 25 mph wind, it was time for Spring to finally show up.   Of course, everybody had the same idea to head out to the flea market.

Since we had to park in the back, that gave us the opportunity to fortify ourselves with bag of freshly made cinnamon and sugar mini doughnuts as we walked around.     The only item I really had on my list to purchase was a new cell phone case.   Yeah, I know I am cheap like that.  But it gives my phone the opportunity to have a wardrobe.

So we are walking through the rows and I quickly notice that the day was most likely going to be a dud. When you don't see any naked Barbies or the ubiquitous box of Happy Meal toys, you know the pickings are slim.

I did purchase a couple of items from one of the regular dealers.   I know that in the past I have talked a lot of crap about Go-Bots.  They have gotten stereotyped as the Transformers' K-Mart cousins.   Well, they still are.  They weren't the cool kids in the Transformer world, but where was this guy?    Future Machine, aka "Psycho" was introduced into the Go-Bot line.   Thanks to Let's Anime, I learned a little  more about the origin of this bot.     It was originally call "Psychoroid" the passenger vehicle of  the space adventurer Cobra and his sexy sidekick robot companion.    That's who the little people in cockpit are supposed to be.
In car mode, it is a sleek futuristic car.  You would think it would be a little more elegant in robot
mode, but it is really kind of clunky.    

All I know is that I need a bigger shelf for my Transformer tribe.  I started out with 2 Transformers that were mine as a kid, and thanks to the Goodwill and now the flea market, I am currently at 17 and counting since January.

My newest collection, which, well.... kind of started this week.... is the Hot Wheels.   I mean secretly, I have always secretly loved Hot Wheels.  But now they are speaking my language by making more famous movie and TV cars.   I am in love with them!  My little collection has jump from one General Lee that was mine as a kid to 6!    Friday night, I found the Mystery Machine at Walmart.   I debated for about 5 minutes on if I was going to open it.   My husband is of the mind that stuff should stay on card.  But for me, I am a tactile person.  I want to touch and feel and play with these wonderful little bits of awesomeness.    Then Saturday at the flea market, I found the Ecto 1, seen here with my General Lee.   I also have several  versions of the Batmobile still on card, that I am going to open and display with these.   Now I have a short list of Hot Wheels that I am looking for.

The last item I picked up makes my fangirl heart skip a beat.  I got a loose Batman: Animated Series Harley Quinn!!  The best part is that she is practically complete.  She is missing her gun, but still has her punching glove.   As an added bonus, Harley came with this little black cat, which goes to the animated Catwoman!!  I love finding those impossible small parts that make my loose figures just a little more complete.

These few little items made my day.

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  1. Any day you find a Harley Quinn is a good day indeed! And the gun is pretty worthless anyways, it doesn't really fit in her hand or anything.