Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Collection Post- The A-Team

The 80's had not only great toys but it also had great TV shows.   With the A-Team being one of the best.   I remember my dad loving that show.   If we had gone out to eat or the store, we had to be back home in time for him to watch the A-Team.    It is also one of my husband's favorite tv shows.  He has the show intro as  a ring tone on his phone.

The opening to show is one of the best.

I thought that I would share mine and my husband's A-Team collection (well, really my husband's but I try to contribute to it).  My husband doesn't have any of his toys from his childhood.  So finding something that recaptures childhood for him makes me happy.

 It isn't a huge collection by any means.  But, we do have a nice set of the larger scaled figures.  (Hannibal, Face, Murdock, B.A, and Amy Allen)    One of the Murdock figures was actually rescued from a bag o' fun.    My husband doesn't get excited over anything I find at the Goodwill, but he was that day.

We also have a few figures from the A-Team movie and the Hot Wheels A-Team van.   I am hoping that I can pick up another van soon.   I would like to display an open one with my other tv/movie Hot Wheels.    You might be wondering about the bowling pin Mr. T.  He was our entry in a bowling pin decorating contest.   Sadly, he didn't win.  Not even an honorable mention.

For my husband, the Holy Grail for this collection would be the van.    I keep looking for one because I would love to surprise him with it!

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