Monday, April 22, 2013

Awesome trades thanks to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers

Thanks to the League of Extraordinary Bloggers trading post, I was able to make some excellent trades.   Thanks to Eric at Toyriffic for sending me a surprise box in exchange for Despero.  

 He sent me an awesome assortment.  I am not sure who was more excited, myself or my children.   I love the Transformer and Star Wars figures.   My 8 year old son went nuts of the Inspector Gadget figures.  I  just recently introduced my children to the old Gadget cartoons.   My 5 year old daughter immediately laid claim to Batman, the Vampire Playmobile, and the Scooby Doo figure.   She loves Batman and anything slightly on the creepy side.

My second trade thanks to the League was with Chris at Stuntzombie.    He sent me this awesome Transformer in exchange for a Zuckuss.    I haven't gotten to finish my end of the trade due to the flood we had at our home.  Zuckuss was in my office, which was one of the rooms that got some water damage and is
currently packed up in a pod sitting in our driveway.     I  appreciate his patience and understanding.   Hopefully, it will only be one more week we are out of our home and then Zuckuss  will have a new home.    


  1. Glad everyone was able to find something they liked in the surprise box! Despero is enjoying his new home as well :)

  2. Take your time LeAnn. I certainly don't plan on going anywhere. Glad you liked Silverstreak!