Tuesday, April 2, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers- Trading Post Assignment

This is my first time posting with the League of Extraordinary Bloggers.   I started my blog in January of this year when a new Goodwill store opened near my work and found some G1 Transformers.   I try to make weekly trips there just to see what I can find. And, well...   it seems like I always find something.     I end up with  leftovers once I decide what I want to add to my collection.   So, I love this week's assignment!  These are some of the items that I just don't have room for in my collection for various reasons. I would love to find them a new loving home.   I wish I had some better items for trade right now, but this is what I have currently.    If you see anything that you might be interested in, just comment below and we can  work out something.

   Pictured below:  Despero, The Shadow, the blue & white guy is. a Visionary figure, Heromine and Professor Snape, a Beastman, TMNT , Punisher and Jango, and a couple random Lanards.

A few years ago at a convention, we picked up this huge bag of GI Joe butts and guts.   You can see in the picture, my husband and one of his friends sorting and trying to identify whose parts they are.  Out of the bag, we put together about 30 whole joes, but I have parts for about 30-40 more joes, some even with accessories.

We have put as many of the parts in groups and wrote on the bag  the year, character and what parts are  missing.    I thought I would list a few of these up for trade.   There are some that for some reason we couldn't identify the character they went to.

The bags I pulled out are for the following:

* 1986  Beach Head- needs a back torso plate and waist.

*1991 Lt. Falcon- needs waist and leg

*1992 Wetsuit - needs waist

That is just a sample of what I have.  If there is a certain Joe you are looking for, just ask.
Chances are I have the  parts.   I really would love to clear some of these out.  

Make me an offer,  l am open to pretty much anything.     I love robots, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and girlie stuff too, like MLPs.

Thanks for stopping by my blog this week!   I am really looking forward to contributing to the League.

Check out the offerings of other League members this week:

Stunt Zombie has a Transformer I am interested in.

And don't forget to check out the main post for this week's assignment.    You can check out everyone's links.   There are some really great items up for trade this week.


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  2. Do you happen to have a Snake Eyes version 2 pelvis?

    1. Much obliged. Are you looking for anything in particular? I have other things to trade, beyond the stuff I posted about.

  3. Sorry, no version 2 parts. Only version 1

  4. No problem. Thanks for checking. Since you mentioned it, how about version 1's purse? :)

  5. No accessories, just butts and guts

  6. Howdy fellow Leager! I didn't put together a post for this challenge, but would be interested in your Despero if he's in good shape! Let me know what you want for him at bubbashelby@gmail.com


  7. Sounds good! I will email you some pictures of him.

  8. Awesome idea! Are any of the complete Joes up for trade? In terms of parts...do you have a Roadblock v.1 waist piece? Is it all just waist pieces and torsos - or do the guts include arms/legs/etc?


  9. Hey Dave, I don't have any complete joes for trade right now. I have arms, legs, some heads, torsos, waists. Some of the parts we havent even identified yet. We have tried to sort and group by character and year.

    I do have the part you are looking for. however, it is in rough shape. I will be happy to send you a picture

  10. Thanks for getting back to me LeAnn! If its in rough shape, I'll pass, thanks. I'm also looking for a few other body parts
    -Buzzer's crotch
    -Charbroil - head, arms & waist
    -Keelhaul - head
    -Wetsuit (Gray one) - waist and legs
    -Monkeywrench - crotch


  11. No problem. I will check for the other

  12. Hi Dave, sorry it took me awhile to get back to you. I have Buzzer parts and I have the 86 Wetsuit legs and torso and the black and yellow version of him also. If you would like, I can send pictures

  13. Pics would be great thanks. You can send to davecroatto@gmail.com. Thank again!