Monday, April 29, 2013

I am tired of waiting for new Monster High dolls.... I need a fix

I am really jonesing for some new Monster High dolls to start hitting the stores.    It was reported on Tumblr that the new Picture Day dolls were seen in stores in MA.  And,   I missed out on
pre-ordering Headmistress Bloodgood Sunday on TRU's website.   At $42.99, you get a headless doll(head included ) and a  horse.  Granted, she is hella cool,  I really hate that she is a TRU exclusive.   That just gives Toys R Us  the justification to completely over price the set.

 As a general rule, I really hate shopping at Toys R Us.  But, they did have a Monster High BOGO 40% single packed dolls.  Of course, they had nothing new and shelves full of   "older" dolls.       I pick up a Dance Class Robecca and Scaris Ghoulia,  thinking that the Scaris and Dance dolls were equally priced.  Wrong!   The Robecca was $16.99, which is $4-6 then most other stores.   That is even more expensive then Walgreens ($14.99), but at least Walgreens does a BOGO free sale on MH and other toys from time to time.    

I bought the dolls to dress in the deluxe fashion packs (11.99).  I have been putting off picking up the fashion packs.  But, I really love Ghoulia's fashion pack.   Her earrings are earthworms!  How cool is that?    Ghoulia is one of my favorites.  Her accessories are so cleverly designed.    With these packs, there isn't any accessory recycling like we have seen in the newest single fashion packs.


I like the deluxe fashion packs overall.   Depending on where you purchase them, the price range is $10- $12.   Which isn't terrible for 2 outfits and accessories. Considering Target sells the single fashion packs for $5.99 in store, they are a good deal.    

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