Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moving in the rain and a few fun finds

Well this weekend has been long and we are looking forward to an even longer week ahead.   Saturday, our new carpet finally got installed.   We were able to get some of our furniture moved back in before it started raining  and well, as of typing this, it hasn't stopped raining yet.  So moving in will be a little slower then we had hoped.

A co-worker of mine brought me a little box of Hot Wheels.   I gave my kids most of them, but a few of them I decided to keep.

The 2 Titanium Star Wars vehicles are really nice.   I never got into those when they were in the stores.   But now that I have these 2, I really like them.   Nicely detailed.

The black and red car is Taejo Togokahn's car from Speed Racer made by Hot Wheels.  

This is the second plane that I have gotten like the one pictured.   The first one that I got is a greenish blue color and this one is silver.   There aren't any markings on the bottom of them, so I am not sure what company made them.

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