Monday, April 8, 2013

Gumball Machine Fun: Homies

I am doing a lazy post tonight, you will understand when you see my post tomorrow.   I was going through some boxes and came across a handful of Homies.  Back in like 2003-2004, OMG! I could not pass a Homies gumball machine without stopping and getting at least 3 or 4.  I absolutely love these figures.   Over the years though, some of my Homie collection has gotten away.  I guess my kids have them somewhere, who knows?

This is my current collection: (left to right: (2) Budha, Grumpy, Laughing Boy, Scarecrow,  Conejo, Gato , Topo  (middle) Ice Block.   Now the one in the pink jacket with the blue pants is not a real homie.   He must be a  knock off Homie or possibly a Palermo (Homies Italian cousins)

Anyway, these figures were somewhat controversial when they first came out.    Many believed that they glorified a gang life style.   I never really saw them that way.   To me, they were like a re-magined   Fat Albert and the gang,   The line was revamped and each character was given a more "PC" back story.

The Homies website has a catalog of all 12 sets that is great for identifying your favorite Homies.   I haven't seen Homies in gumball machines in a few years now.  There are several that I hate I missed over the years.

Do you have any Homies?  Which one is your favorite?

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  1. Very cute. I was thinking of having a collection of those cute stuff. They'll look good in my bedroom. :)