Thursday, April 18, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers- First Impressions

This week's League of Extraordinary Bloggers assignment:

You never get a second chance at a first impression–what moment in pop culture had you saying “Now, that’s how you make an introduction!”

For this assignment, I immediately thought of the original Star Wars, not the bastardized Special Editions.  Star Wars, for me as a kid,  was the first movie that rocked my world.   From the very beginning, the opening scene sets the stage.  Your senses are overwhelmed and almost every scene and character left you with a lasting impression.   

  Thinking about the opening scene, you have this little tiny ship overshadowed by this giant ship that keeps going and going.   Combined with the amazing movie score, you feel that little ship's sense of urgency.  The people on board have to escape and they can't. You want to know who they are and why is this happening.    No one had ever seen "space ships" that were as massive as the Star Destoryers.  

When it comes to the introduction of characters and the first impressions they make
there is one  who has the best introduction to the story. Yet,  this character's intro has become without question, the most highly debated element of pop culture.   

    Han Solo's introduction into the story isn't flashy.   There is no theme music with trumpets blaring as he walks through the door.    You immediately learn valuable information about his character.  Han  is a smuggler,who has a  little dark side.  Clearly, he isn't afraid to bend a few rules.  He is confident, overly confident? possibly, but you need his confidence and swagger.   And when Greedo shows up, Han having limited options available to him, he shoots first!!  He is a survivor.  Han takes risks and gets the job done.   You never heard Solo whining about going to Tosche station, you never heard Solo whine period.    

What kid, back in the day, wasn't immediately impressed by Han Solo?  As a kid,  I don't remember anybody fighting over being Luke, everybody wanted to be Han Solo!  Why?  because in our 4 year old minds, Han Solo = AWESOME!  He had the fastest ship in the galaxy and as a bonus, he had a 7 foot tall dog.     Impression made!

I loved the character as a kid.  As an adult fangirl, I freakin love Han Solo!  because he  is/was/ and will always be a bad boy with a heart of gold.   I chose Han as my first impression because like so many others, I am pissed because Lucas has tried to take it back.   You only get one chance to make a first impression and it is hard to take it back.   In this case, you can't ever take it back.  

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  1. Although Star Wars did make a massive impression on me, it wasn't the Han Solo scene. It was the initial scene with the Star Destroyer. As an impressionable little kid (I was 5 when I saw it), that massive ship that seemed to go on for miles and forever made an indelible mark on me that pretty much made me who I am.

    Put still, Han Solo is the coolest.

  2. I think Stat Wars is rich with first impressions from beginning to end. I really need to add more to my post. As a kid, Princess Leia was also one of my favorites. She left a huge impression on me as well. So much so I named one of my daughters Leia.

  3. I loved Star Wars when it was first released, but The Empire Strikes Back is what put the galaxy far, far, away on the map for me and the start of my Star Wars toy collecting.

  4. I love ESB also. It is my favorite of all the original movies

  5. TESB is also my favorite of the original trilogy. Actually, it's pretty much my favorite movie of all time.