Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrift Finds of the week: JLU Weather Wizard and Dracula just to name a few...

I figured out why my Goodwill has been having a dry spell in the toy department.   They have gotten lazy.   Instead of putting toys on the shelves or taking the time to make bags o'fun they have been making these box lots and charging outrageous prices for them.   Despite this, I did manage to rearrange a bag to my liking.
One of the figures I picked up was a Ben 10 figure.  My son snatched that figure so quickly, I am lucky there isn't a blurr in the picture.  So that is probably the only picture you will see of it.  Since the group picture was a hot mess, I tried taking a few quick individual pictures.

I found the JLU Weather Wizard.   I wish that I could have found Livewire or the Superman that goes with him, but no luck.

Picked up a couple of Star Wars Transformers.  The small  jedi starfighter is on the lame side of Transfomers.  But, both will look good with my Star Wars

A 1997 Universal Monster Dracula from Burger King.  Universal Monsters are just cool always.    This one also glows in the dark.

A larger Green Lantern figure, I am not really feeling him.  So, he most
likely will be up for trade at some point.

Aquaman, Spiderman, and Duke minifigures (pictured above).    The little Aquaman is pretty much ruling the world right now.  I am loving him.   He is strutting his stuff, clearly he put on his sassy fins this morning.
 The small Riddler and Two-Face figures are from Happy Meals.  The Hulk mobile is pretty cool also.
 And lastly, a token Lanard was in the bag.   I mean what bag of fun isn't complete without a representative from CORPS?


  1. Nice haul! The Green Lanter you got is named Sodam Yat, and he's from the Green Lantern subset of the DC Universe Classics line. Don't trade him away for just anything - he's one of the harder figures to find in that line.

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I hadn't had time to look him up. I am not a huge Green Lantern fan.