Saturday, April 13, 2013

Finds of the week- Hunger Games Barbie clearance, Creepy Freak figures, and a vintage E.T. book

This week has been really stressful.  We have still been dealing with the flood damage at home.  Thankfully, all of the tile will be going in this weekend.  So that leaves us just waiting on carpet.   I have learned from this whole experience, Lowes and Home Depot are rip offs when it comes to carpet.

Friday was the first day that I had been able to have a little fun.  So here is what I picked up:

My local Target had the Hunger Games Barbie on clearance.   I have never read the Hunger Game books and I thought the movie was ok.  I am not a huge fan though.   I mainly picked her up because the price was decent.  I may or may not keep her.  I might be able to trade her later on for something in Monster High.
The kids had been wanting to get some sidewalk chalk and water balloons so we went to the dollar store.  I picked up 1 box of these Creepy Freak game pieces.  I was curious because I don't really remember seeing these in stores.   They are from 2003 made by Wizkids.   Creepy Freaks are some sort of 3-D game pieces.  You can buy starter sets and then booster packs, which my store had both of.   Like all figure sets, some of the characters are better then others.   Some actually kind of remind me of Garbage Pail kids.  

 In the booster packs, you get 2 random figures attached to a game base.    The good news is that the figures will come off of the bases.

I haven't decided yet, but I might pick up a 2 or 3 more boxes just for fun.  They can always end up being some accessory pieces for the Monster High dolls.

After Target and the Dollar Store, I even got a quick trip into the Goodwill.   Although, lately when I walk in the door,  I hear crickets and see tumble weeds rolling through the toy section.    It went from awesome to dry spell really fast.   The book section has stayed pretty consistent and I can usually find some good books. This week, I picked up the book club edition of E.T.  I really  love finding these vintage movie tie in novels.
For .50 you can't beat it.


  1. What chain did you find the Creepy Freaks in? I remember seeing those when they came out but never picked up any. It's supposed to be a kid version of their other game HeroClix.

  2. The store I got them at is called the Mighty Dollar. If you are interested in some, I don't mind picking some more up.

  3. I like that venus flytrap thingy - would make a great Poison Ivy accessory!

  4. I have a Factory box set of all the creepy freaks figures, Came with all the figures and each comes with a sticker. $50.00,