Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thrift Find: Star Trek: The Voyage Home, just for boys?

Sometimes, I regret that they opened a Goodwill near my work.   That's where I spend the majority of my lunchtime.  I search the book shelves looking for priceless tomes of classic literature.   Not really, but it sounds good.  Right?  

Yesterday, no luck on classic literature.  Just a kid's novelization of Star Trek: The Voyage Home.  Perhaps, not the greatest of the older Star Trek films.  Although, I do think the movie has more comic relief to offer then some of the others.  I actually enjoy its absurdity.

What struck me about this book wasn't its subject matter or age.  It was the back of the book that caught my interest.

Where in large bold letters, proudly states: " JUST FOR BOYS"

Ok, wait a minute, WHAT??   I am not going to start a fangirl fueled rant about feeling excluded from Sci-fi fandom.  I never have felt that way, I liked what I liked and didn't really care or need to feel that acceptance.  
The book is actually some sort of  "Just for Boys"  Weekly Reader book club edition  I figure my son might enjoy reading it, even though we aren't really a "Trek" family.  


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