Saturday, April 20, 2013

Thrift Finds of the Week: A pissed off chicken and a whole lot of nothing!

 I know that I have really been complaining about there being very little to pick from at the local Goodwill.  I thought I would do a picture post about the level of despair going on at my local store.

I have come to the conclusion that "baby toys" are the gremlins of the toy world.   They are hard to destroy, you can't really ever get rid of them, and linger on Goodwill shelves forever!! (as illustrated)

You can pretty much hear the crickets chirping.

Even the knick-knacks are pissed off at the lack of selection.   This little chick was left behind, silently judging all that passed by his vantage point.

There is a happy ending for the silently judging chick, he does have a new home.    He will be joining the Easter/Spring decor at my home,  silently judging the alien rabbits.
The last item spotted this week just made me laugh.   I live in the South, so when winter comes around we are lucky to get maybe a 1/2 inch of snow each year.   The last 2 years, my kids have gotten cheated out of snow days because we haven't gotten so much as a flake.   

So, when I saw ice skates sitting in the display case, I had to ask, who the hell needs these?   We don't even have an ice skating rink.   There was the attempt last year to put an outdoor ice skating rink downtown during the holidays.   And it was well received, but it wasn't really a lot of fun, because NOBODY really knew how to ice skate.  It looked like some sort of blooper reel.   Every 5 seconds somebody fell down.    And to add to it, well, the temperatures didn't really scream winter wonderland.   

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