Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Memories from Kindergarten- Fisher Price A frame house

I remember when I was in preschool & kindergarten, it was a simpler time.   When my son started kindergarten he would come home talking about his Spanish class or what they did in computer lab.    I just remember  coloring, playing, and eating snack.     Snack time was great too.   Remember getting those little flower cookies that you could put on your fingers.   What I loved  best was after snack, we could choose a center to go play in.

One of my favorite toys from my preschool & kindergarten years was the Fisher Price A frame house.  I never had one of my own,  so at school I was all over that house.    I was fascinated by it. Its aqua  blue shingled roof and a balcony, who wouldn't want to live there?   It was a magical little house.  There is just something about it,  even now as an adult I can't put it into words.

 Fisher Price really captured  all things Swiss Miss and Heidi rolled into one house. The rustic interior and Bavarian balcony are charming.  I think it was supposed to be some sort of ski lodge or vacation home.    I can imagine this A frame built today on the side of a mountain with an amazing view of snow capped mountains.  

The braided rug reminds me of one that my aunt had in her living room.   I hated her's because it wasn't very soft.  It was never comfortable to sit on the floor on that rug.   It is funny how a little sticker can trigger a memory.  

I have had this little house for a few years.   I bought it at the Goodwill when my son was really young.   There it sat in all its 70's splendor.  Of course,  it is missing the patio and no furniture but for $1.50, I said SOLD!!   Yes, I was recapturing something from my childhood.  All of my children have since played with it.   My husband asked me if I was ready to re-donate it.    I said NO!  I love that house.   Plus, I need a place for my little Playmobile peeps to crash.  They look right at home.  

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