Sunday, October 27, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day #26: Updating my Monster High Collection

Friday, I finally found  the last two Power Ghouls at Target.  I picked up Frankie as Voltageous and Toralei as Catastrphe.

My Target has been extremely slow to put these two dolls on the shelf.  I believe it is mainly because they overstocked on Spectra and Clawdeen.  Those two have been shelf warmers for months since their initial release.

This is one of my favorite sub-lines in the whole Monster High franchise.  These dolls are beautifully designed and well thought out.  It reminds me of the Wave 1 dolls that were first released.  They are a breath of fresh air to stale fashion dolls.  Sadly though, I think Monster High is getting a little stale.  I used to stalk the stores hardcore for them, but now I am just kind of ....meh.   I am tired of all the same rehashed characters. It is sad  because they have turned interesting characters into shelf warmers.   I would love to see some interesting new basic dolls.

I have updated my Monster High Collection post with my newest dolls.  It has been awhile since it has been updated.

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