Wednesday, October 2, 2013

League of Extraordinary Bloggers: Whaddya Want?

The topic this week is:  When you hit up the toy store, thrift store, flea market, or comic shop, what are some of the things you’re actively hunting? 

Lately, the local Goodwill stores have been crappy!  Earlier in the year, shockingly,  I found G1 Transformers, a farm boy vintage Luke, and a Monster High Operetta. Of course, I was thrilled but my luck seemed to dry up.  When I go into the thrift stores or flea market I am never looking for anything in particular.   I used to rescue anything and everything Star Wars but now I mainly only collect vintage items  or R2s.  That sexy little droid knows I have a soft spot for him.  I also like to look for toys that I had as a kid or the toys I always wanted as a kid and never got.  After that, the rest of my toy rescues mainly were things that I just found interesting.  

Although, I do have a few items that I am actively seeking: 


1. I have this handsome and extremely naked 8in. Mego Superman. Apparently, he has decided to become a nudist and well that just doesn't work for my collection.   Actually, this was something that my grandfather bought me after one of our walks to the Zip store back in the day.  I lost my grandfather last year and I would love to restore it to its original glory.  I just need his super suit.   

2.  I am looking for a 1984 pink Barbie Corvette.  I have a plush Gizmo who needs a ride. 

3. More Shogun Warriors-  I posted a couple of days ago about one I recently got. I got interested in these over the summer after looking at some at a toy show. I just couldn't justify spending the money.  Then one fell in my lap and now I am kind of hooked on them.   

I would also love to get a Godzilla as well. 

4.  Anything R2-D2, old, new, it doesn't matter.   My R2 (can't live without) short list consists of a few things. 
     -1980's Wilton R2 cake pan.   I know I can find these on ebay, I just can't pull the trigger and buy one.  
     - 1997 Tiger Electronics R2 personal cassette walk-man
     - Vintage R2 with the pop up lightsaber.  loose, but decent condition
    - 1980's MIP R2 Underoos.

 5. Battle Beast-  I picked up a few of these over the summer from a Goodwill grab bag.  I think they are kind of cool.  


6. Jem and the Holograms ANYTHING!!   I never had The Misfits as a kid and I would love to get the rest of the dolls.  I would also like to get some of the original clothing and fashion packs.  

7. A G1 Soundwave.  I have my original Blaster and I picked up a few tapes a few months ago. So, I would like to add Soundwave to the collection.   I want it loose, it doesn't have to be complete but I would like it in decent condition.  

I also like to pick up GI Joes and Lanards, MUSCLE figures, Smurfs, She-Ra figures, and Ghostbusters.  Those are some of the items I am looking for.  Let's see what the other League members are looking for.  

The Cave of Cool is looking for Oscar Goldman with the exploding brief case. 

Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks is going to back to his Christmas wishlist.  

Nerd Out With Me is looking for Legos and a hover board. 

Be sure to check out the main League post


  1. Cool wish list. My wife collects anything JEM as well, very tough to find!

  2. JEM is so hard to find. I picked up a nude Aja and Jem/Jerrica at the flea market. But, I have never seen any of the other dolls out in the wild.

  3. You have some cool stuff on your list! That Dreamvette is awesome! I was always a fan of the Dreamvette. And! It is such a pain to find Jem dolls. The new ones are super beyond expensive and the old ones, well, they are just crazy to find! They are consistently hard to collect on eBay and I've never seen any for sale at flea markets or anything like that.

    I do suggest (if you haven't already) to check out, it is like the number one Jem forum and there are some great fans there that sometimes mention they are wanting to part with their collections and stuff.

  4. Hey if you are looking for a suit for your man of Steel, have you looked at Dr Mego's repros. they do an amazing job and have pretty reasonable prices. It's the same gusy robot chicken uses.

  5. I have heard of Dr. Mego. I have been kind of debating on an original suit or repro. I think I am going to have to go repro. The original ones on ebay are almost always jacked up.

  6. cool wish list espically the original sound wave for had him too and you would love him. though surprised your r2 list does not also have the old remote control one. and good luck trying to find the super suit for your naked mego for you will hardly find any collector who just sells mego clothes and keeps the figure naked.

  7. I actually got an old remote control R2 a few years ago. For Superman, I just ordered some pieces from Dr. Mego.

  8. You can never have enough Shogun Warriors.