Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's October!!!! Countdown to Halloween.

It's October!   So what does that mean exactly?

Well,  first off, everything is now pumpkin flavored.  The weather is thankfully getting cooler.  But, best of all, it's time for HALLOWEEN!!

I started this past weekend putting out our Halloween decorations.  There is a Jack O'Lantern of some sort in every room.

My children were greeted this morning with a sugar filled breakfast surprise.  Sugar them up and send them to school!!  Woo Hoo!!   I picked these up last week and sadly the Count didn't last long.  My husband and I ate it.  But, we will be getting more.

Check out the Countdown to Halloween to see how others are preparing for Halloween.

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  1. Yes! The Spooky Season is now well on the way. : )