Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Shogun Warrior hitchhiked a ride home with me.

Last week, a co-worker had mentioned  her cousin had given her some sort of robot toy to give to her grandson. She said I need to show it to you.   Her grandson is young and she had been debating on giving it to him.  That was pretty much the end of our conversation.

Yesterday, we were leaving work and she stopped me as I was getting in my car.  She opened my car door and was putting something in the front seat.   "It needs to be cleaned up, but take this to your kids.", she said.   I look over and this is who I found........

I was like "WAIT! are you sure you don't want this?!"   "Do you know what this is?"  My toy nerd was beginning to show.   She said,"No, you take it. And besides, my grandson is too young, he wont play with it."

<---------  I am like this all the way home.

When I got home, my husband's reaction: OMG! what is that??!  (like I had brought home a stray animal.)
my kids' reaction was : "O-M-G!   WHAT IS THAT??  CAN WE PLAY WITH IT??!!"

me:  It's a SHOGUN WARRIOR!!  I was losing my mind with excitement.  It's not everyday an awesome vintage toy just lands in the front seat of your car.   I have seen them at toy shows but I never really considered purchasing one.  I have always gone for the Transformers, but these are the precursors to Transformers.

I am not a Shogun Warrior expert by any means.  They were a little before my time.  I never had the joy of playing with one of these as a kid. So,  I had to do some research. This is the 24 inch Raydeen.  It was released by Mattel in 1977.

 From what I have read, I think it is a first release based on the  head and the way that the wheels are attached.  The head is a soft vinyl.  The wheels are molded into the feet, instead of attached with screws.

Overall, it seems to be in decent condition.  It was dirty but cleaned up rather well.  There is some residue on the head that I still can't get completely off.  A few of the decals are missing from the chest and legs.   The center delta wing missiles are missing also.   But, the fist still shoots off, which delighted my kids to no end and it has a decent range.

My husband thinks I should sell it on Ebay.  But, I just want to enjoy it for a little awhile. I am not sure how I want to display it. In reading and learning more about them, I would secretly love more and the Godzilla.   I am crazy over that thing....

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