Monday, October 7, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day #7- Going to the fair

I thought I would throw this into the countdown because going to the county fair can be kind of scary.  I think the local fair here compares to a Saturday night at Walmart.  Yeah, it can be that bad.

Again this year, the fair is sponsoring a bowling buddies contest.  It is a contest were you get a used  bowling pin and decorate it.   Last year was the inaugural event and I am still little angry that Admiral Ackbar didn't even get an honorable mention.   
Squidy awesomeness got beat out by a craptastical farmer.  The picture below, I lifted off the fair website.  You see that farmer with  the white ribbon.  THAT THING got 3rd place!

  Anyway... I am over it.. not really...  I still feel like I was robbed.  

Craptastical Farmer

This year, I decided that I would be more ambitious.  I also decided that if they wanted farmers and homespun fiesta then that is what they would get.  I  recreated "American Gothic" by Grant Wood.   Nothing says homespun, corn fed, Amurica then that.

American Gothic is probably one of my favorite paintings.  I appreciate the symbolism contained within the painting and the history behind it.  I wanted to challenge myself since portraiture is not one of my strong suits.    Perhaps it wasn't my best idea.  I am very critical of the finished product.  I think Ackbar by far is better.  Still, I am standing behind my work.  I also have to admit to the fact that I did procrastinate hard core this year.  So, that doesn't help matters .

I think that they are better then last year's third place winner.   I would like to see them get a "best in show" but honestly I would be happy just to have them place.    They got dropped off Sunday and the fair opens today.   Wednesday, I planning to go and I will be able to update everyone how they place.


  1. Okay, you were robbed, no doubt about it. Just played to the wrong crowd, I guess. You should win this year, those are awesome!

  2. Yes, the fair crowd aren't really Star Wars fans. Even in the different kid's age groups last year, Star Wars was well represented. But didn't win. I think 1 got honorable mention.

    That's why I changed strategy this year.