Saturday, October 5, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day #5: How big of a Monster Cereal fan are you?

The Monster cereals have invaded our pantry.  My children are loving it! And, I have to admit that I am loving it too.  Growing up, I never got to eat Lucky Charms, Cookie Crisp, or any of the Monster cereals.  I tried various different ways to smuggle some in my mom's grocery cart, but it never worked.  I always had to go over to a friend's house if I wanted some.

 So, grab you a bowl of  Count Chocula, watch some Saturday morning cartoons, and lets see who the real Monster cereal fans are.  Lets play a round of cereal box trivia!


What did Fraken Berry and Count Chocula originally call their flavored marshmallows?

What was Fruit Brute's original catch phrase?

Which sport was not played by the monsters in their commercials- basketball, baseball, football, or bowling?

True or False : Bella Lugosi once appeared on the front of the Count Chocula box.

What year was Franken Berry and Count Chocula first introduced?

Which Monster cereal box appeared in two 90's movies?

True or False:  Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy were never actually available at the same time.

What was the original color of Boo Berry's hat?

What distinctive feature is on Franken Berry's fingernails?

True or False:  The Monsters released a disco album in the 70's?

Which actor's voice served as the inspiration for Boo Berry?

What was the original color of Frute Brute's nose?

The original Franken Berry character featured a metered gauge on what side of his head?

True or False:  Bigfoot once appeared on monster packages.

answers:  sweeties,  the howling good taste of fruit, football,  true, 1971,  Frute Brute, true, yellow, strawberries,  True,  Peter Lorre,  orange, left side


  1. We are loving them here, too. Going to need to get some second boxes soon!

  2. We are on our second box of Count Choula already.