Monday, October 21, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day 21- Some Halloween $ store odds and ends

There is one particular dollar store here where I live that I just absolutely love!.  If you need it for a $1, they have it.  And, they have stuff you don't expect to find  for a $1 too.

I picked this up the other day at the dollar store.   I thought I would give the cake pop craze a try.   I have never made them but I know my kids will enjoy them.  
Worth a dollar?  Sure..  If they don't turn out, I am not out a lot.

I got these cute little sequined coin purses for my girls while I was there.    
My youngest is 2 and is obsessed with pumpkins this year.   Every time we pass a pumpkin patch or see them in the grocery store, she thinks we need to buy one.  She also has wanted to sleep with her little pumpkin.    I thought she would enjoy  this since she can carry it around and sleep with it, if need be.  


  1. Nice finds! I have been meaning to hit up our dollar store to see what's what!