Thursday, October 10, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day #10 : In Search of the Great Pumpkin

Last Saturday, we went to a local farm to find our 10th annual Great Pumpkin.  This was a tradition that my husband and I started when we first got married.  My husband had never really been to a pumpkin patch before.

 Each year, we head out to the farm to find the biggest free standing pumpkin we can pick ourselves.

The local little farm that we like to visit was crazy busy.  But, the weather was beautiful and it was the first weekend that the pumpkin patch was open.  We always try to get there for opening weekend.  We've learned not to be pumpkin procrastinators.

We think this is the most sincere pumpkin patches in our area.  And every year,  our great pumpkin rises out of here to come to our home.

This is our pumpkin for this year.  It isn't as large as some we have gotten in years past.  But it is beautiful and looks great decorating our front porch.   If it is anything like last year, it will probably hang around until Valentine's Day.

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