Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day #9 : Tips for living in a Haunted House.

I personally don't live in a haunted house, but I know someone who did.    My husband thinks I am crazy for believing it, but he has never visited the house in question.   My aunt and uncle and their 4 children lived in a haunted house.

They purchased the house and a large amount of land in the  60's.   Over a few years time they did renovations and added a major addition to the existing house.  They also  built an in ground  pool, guest house, and barn.  After all of this was complete, that is when strange things began to occur.  Over the years, my aunt always joked about living in her haunted house, but would never really talk about anything that she saw or experienced.     Her daughter is the same way, to this day she will not talk about anything she saw or experienced in that house.

My cousins are all older then I am, so when Anne got married I was rather young.  I would say around 5 or 6 years old.   I remember hearing family members whispering about her wedding gifts getting mysteriously moved around her room or they would find gifts in strange places.  And I vaguely remember them talking about seeing something in a closet.  But everything was always kept very hush, hush.   I also remember family members talking about a strange motorcycle that would drive toward the house and then disappear.

I never experienced seeing anything like that, but  I was always afraid to go to the back part of the house by myself.  The floor plan of the home was open, if you entered through the front door, you could go left into the kitchen, right to the bedrooms, or straight ahead to a large living room.   I never liked going back to the bedroom/bathroom area of the house.   Once you got back there,  you always felt that you were being watched and that something heavy was pressing on you.  There was a presence you could  and it wasn't warm and fuzzy.   That part of the house was also always colder then the other parts of the house.

who ya gonna call?
    I was checking out HGTV's website and came across tips for living in a haunted house  Their suggestions are:  don't panic, do your research, and call the Ghostbusters. I suppose that is sound advice.   

My aunt and her family lived and thrived in a haunted house for over 30 years.    They sold the house in the 90's because  they didn't need such a large home anymore and decided to downsize.   What is funny, is that they sold the home to another family that we know.  The house again went through some remodeling and occasionally, they will mention having a strange feeling in the house. 

I would love to have the house investigated by a paranormal investigator.  I truly believe something is there.

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