Sunday, October 27, 2013

Countdown to Halloween Day #25: Made Halloween cake pops

The other day, I posted about some Halloween items I picked up at the dollar store.   One of the items was a cake pop press.   The kids had been wanting to test it out.  It worked out perfectly  because I had bought 2 boxes store made cupcakes for their school Fall Festival.   Well, only one box survived.  As I was bringing in groceries, I dropped the second box.

The instructions say to crumble fresh cake and mix with 1/2 gtub of frosting.   I just recycled the cake and  the garish purple and green frosting that topped them.  Once I got it all mixed together, you have to chill your cake and frosting mixture.  After that was done, we made large balls of cake,( about the size of a doughnut hole) and press it into the cake press.

After a couple of test cake balls, I was surprised at how well my dollar store find worked.   It was really easy so I turned the process over to the kids.  They enjoyed the whole process.  Once the shapes are made it suggests chilling or freezing the cake.  We froze ours for about 30 minutes and that seemed to be enough.

I gave the kids some decorating icing tubes and let them decorate as they wanted.  They were thrilled and a few didn't even get decorated.

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