Sunday, October 20, 2013

Countdown to Halloween #19 : Goodwill shopping for costume pieces and other finds!

We went shopping at the Goodwill for costume parts.  This year, my son has decided that he wants to be Two Face from Batman.  We originally were going to try to find clothing similar in design that we could cut apart and sew back together to get the two toned look.

The clothing selection was light at all of the stores in our area.  So we are trying something different.
The few pieces that we did find, we have decided that we would give fabric spray paint a try.    We found a white jacket that we should be able to tape off and spray one side black.   We will see how it works out.  I will post pictures of it later in the week, hopefully.

While we were there, we found some great finds!    I found 2 Ever After High Dolls.  Say what?!  I am guessing that these were sent by Target.   As you can see in the picture,  one of the boxes is jacked up.  The other box has a little damage, but it isn't terrible.

I am trying not to collect these dolls.  I really have enough with the Monster High dolls.  We already got Raven and Apple for our daughter.   Thankfully, she isn't as into these as she is the monsters. So, I may end up trading these.   They were $8 each and I said sold! considering one doll is $20.

The book selection was also particularly good this weekend.  But, I will save my book finds for another day.


  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe these were at the Goodwill store! Or rather, anywhere but the Justice store. lol I haven't seen these anywhere but for a brief moment at Justice. Do you know if they are planning on releasing them at other retailers? I hope this line can release some other characters too, it is a fun line.

  2. I was shocked to see them there! Justice store were the first to get the dolls, but they should be available now or very soon at Target, Walmart, and TRU. I know my local Target has been slow to get them on the shelves. The 2 pack with Hunter and Ashlynn has been spotted at TRU. I haven't really kept up with this line, I am still hunting for 3 of the newer Monster High dolls.