Saturday, June 22, 2013

Huge Monster High update- 13 wishes Twyla, Howleen, Lagoon and more!!

Tonight, was a huge Monster High shopping spree!   I knew that the new 13 Wishes dolls had finally started popping up in the US at Toys R Us.  So I just had the feeling that I needed to stop in and see what they had.       Well, my hunch paid off big time!!

I picked up the new 13 Wishes Twyla, Lagoona, Howleen, and the new classroom 2 pk with Cleo and Ghoulia.

I love Twyla.  I am having a hard time not opening her.   I think compared to some of the other dolls in the Monster High line, she is a little on the plain side.  But her eyes do glow in the dark, which I think is a great feature for the daughter of the Boogieman to have.   I also love her pet, it's a dust bunny.

I am not sure if I like the Lagoona's bright yellow hair.  It just seems so harsh for her.   But, I do love her dress and accessories.  Neptuna is purple instead of the usual pink.
Sorry for all of the glare in these photos.  I took most of these while I was still in the store.   I love the new Cleo in the classroom 2 packs.   Her hair has a hint of purple in it.  Which I think is a nice change for her.

I also like the new Howleen with her pink hair.  I think it softens her look, instead of the bright orange from the Wolf Sister 2 pk.   Her pet, Cushion, also matches her pink hair.

It took going to 2 Toys R Us stores to find the Heath and Abbey 2 pack.   I managed to pick up the last Heath and Abbey 2 pack at this store.   Everybody and their momma is after this set.    I think they did a good job on Heath.   It looks a lot like the character in the cartoon webisodes and specials.

I am going to have to be watching  all of the stores closely. I know that I will have to pick up another set because my daughter is going to flip out when she sees these.   Hopefully, I can keep them hidden until birthday or Christmas.

I did however pass on getting the 13 Wishes Frankie, Clawdeen, and Draculaura.   Toys R Us has those dolls priced at $30 each.   They are lovely, but overpriced.  I haven't decided if I want to pick them up or not.   I honestly am kind of tired of rehashed dolls.  I am seriously considering just buying the basic new character dolls and maybe one or two of my favorites from sub-lines with in the Monster High brand.  Hopefully, these dolls will start showing up at Target and Walmart soon.

My next stop was  Target.  If you haven't checked your local Target stores, run don't walk.   The Skull Shores 5 pks have been marked down to $29.99 (original price $54.99).   My store did not have the red clearance stickers on the 5 packs, so be sure to scan them.   I am so glad that I waited this set out!    According to the signage, the sale price is good until the 29th (6/29/13)

I actually went ahead and picked up 2 of the Skull Shores set.   At its current price, it was worth it.

Frankie's vanity and Abbey's bed at my store were marked down to $13.98 each (original price $19.99).  I have heard some reports that other stores had marked them down to $10.    The newest basic fashion packs are also clearance priced at $3.99 (original price $5.99).   These items are all pictured below in the giant group shot of everything we picked up these evening.

My last stop of the night was Walgreens and not for anything Monster High related.   I have been looking for these little DC Superhero dolls.    There are 4 in series 1.     I am still looking for Wonder Woman and Bat Girl.

For $5, they are reasonably priced.   They have the sleepy baby doll eyes, so when they are laying down, their eyes close.   I am hoping I can find the other 2 at another Walgreens store possibly tomorrow, so I can complete this set rather quickly.

As always, when I find new Monster High dolls, I update my collection post.   You can check out the rest of my Monster High collection there.  


  1. It was a hard choice, but I picked up Twyla out of everything new. Heath and Abbey was tough, I really wanted to pick them up, but I just had to get Twyla! Her pet is the best! Also, I am loving these sale prices at Target. I picked up a Draculaura Powder Room set on clearance too. I'm gonna wait on the Abbey and Frankie play sets as I am hoping they will go down further. I love it when the toy aisle goes on clearance at Target! Nice batch of items too, you got some really cool stuff. I agree with you on Lagoona's hair too. I don't know that I like it much at all.

  2. I really love Twyla. My little girl and I broke down and opened her today. We just couldn't leave her in the box. Of course, she doesn't know I have the other new ones. I am loving the prices at Target! I would like to have waited out the prices, but I was afraid they would sell out. This helps me get a head start on Christmas and birthday presents. I am hoping to go back tomorrow. Our store had MH bath accessories on clearance. My little girl is wanting the hooded bath towel so I would like to pick up a couple of those.