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League of Extraordinary Bloggers- Hake's Auction Fantasy shopping spree

It has been a few weeks since I joined in with the League, but this was a post that I just couldn't pass up.   This week's challenge:

Go on a fictional shopping spree at Hake’s current auction #209 to make your collection a little more amazing.

- Hake's has given us permission to use their photographs and descriptions in our responses to this week's assignment.- 

It has taken me several days to go through the Hake's Auction.   At first, I just started looking for items that could reasonably fit into my price range.  Then, I said, "Screw It!"   It's a shopping spree and money is no object!  My wild fangirl enthusiasms can not be contained!!  Surprisingly, my selections were lite on toys.  Nevertheless, I am enjoying the fantasy of making these 5 items mine.

There were two autograph pieces that blew my mind!   I have shown the links to everybody and their momma, even my own momma.   Most just give the smile, nod, and give the " the crazy fangirl will shut up sooner or later" look.   The others have been somewhat interested, but they just don't fully understand the level of greatness.

Item # 1473- "Gone With the Wind" Cast Signed Program
  The first is the signed program from Gone With the Wind.     My aunt had this passion for old movies and she passed it on to me.  Being from the South, I kind feel like GWTW is required reading and viewing for Southern women.   I love this movie! I love it for the characters, the costumes, just the epic story that is GWTW!

 I was looking at this piece and I start shouting at my computer, "I don't know nothin bout birthin no babies, Miz Scarlet"   The cover of the program is signed by Butterfly McQueen, who portrayed "Prissy" who famously said the line.  The cover is also signed by the young actress who portrayed "Bonnie Blue Butler" .  The inside and back cover also have autographs, but those first two, had me the most excited.  My husband is looking at me like I have lost my mind.    Our conversation was " how do you not know GWTW?"  He has never seen it! To which, I was like "how did I marry you?"   Of course, my husband is a yankee, that could be the reason for it.  

The other autograph that had me shouting random obscenities at the computer screen was 
Item # 2753- "The Addams Family" Large and Impressive cast signature display.   Fellow Leaguer, Dex over at AEIOU and sometimes WHY had the same reaction I had to this piece.  

Holy Crap!  This display is beautiful!  Autographs from the whole freaking cast!!  I know exactly where I would hang this in our home.

Coming home after to school, I would watch the block of cartoons then after that was the Addams Family and The Munsters.    I just always loved the Addams family more.  I don't know why, they just always seemed cooler and had better stuff in their house.   I wrote about how I would like to have a sleepover at the Addams' Family house in another League post.

My sentimental favorite is:
Item #2594 "Star Wars-Princess Leia Organa" action figure on card.  

My husband and I met because of Star Wars and our shared interest in the movies and toys.  My husband tended toward collecting the newer items while I have always loved the vintage merchandise.    While we were dating, I had several opportunities to purchase vintage MOC figures, but I just would never let myself spend the money for them.

A few years after my husband and I got married, he got me a MOC 12 back Leia on card as an  anniversary gift.   Most women would want jewelry, not me, I am happy with a 3 inch plastic figure. Fast forward a  couple of  years, sadly, I had to sell her on Ebay because we were expecting a baby and needed the extra money.   I have regretted selling her but I did what needed to be done.    In the years since selling my Leia figure, I have picked up an MOC R2.   I would love to someday soon replace the Leia.

This is a beautiful example of a MOC 12 back figure.  I would love to add her to my collection.

My next choice was:
Item # 2400-" Batgirl"  slipper boots
 I love wearable items in collections because I always think about they child who owned them.  They help capture an aspect of childhood and adds a personal touch to a collection  We all remember having a favorite pair of pajamas or slippers.   I think these are adorable.   Considering the age of them, it is rare to find these for a girl.   I love the graphics on the side of the boot.  
 I would love to find something like these for my youngest to wear around the house.   She seems to be a budding Batman fan.  

The last item that I would love to purchase is Item #822- Esqel Pallasite Meteorite slice specimen. 
I want to own a piece of meteorite because A.) who do you know that owns a piece of meteorite?  I can't think of anyone that I know who has one.   And, B.)  it's a f***ing meteorite!  What would this say if it could talk?  This piece of rock has seen some stuff.   It might know the species of Yoda or really know what is hiding in Area 51.  The truth is out there and this has been a front row spectator to the mysteries of space.  Just think about that....

Other League members have had fun with their fantasy shopping sprees:

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Vikkiverka is throwing cash at vintage books.

Branded in the 80s wants a Street Hawk lunchbox.

G.I Jigsaw- wants a Mego Hulk

And don't forget to check the assignment page for additional shopping spree posts.

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  1. I am just in sock over this meteorite. I had no idea things like that could be purchased. And that Princess Leia figure is really cool. I like your list too!