Monday, July 15, 2013

Some odds and ends: Cereal toys, gumball machine rings, and more

My favorite Goodwill store is going through some sort of summer time drought.   It has been close to 3 months with nothing.   You would think that with all of the yard sales that pop up during the summer, some good left overs would magically appear there.

But thanks to a good friend, I recently got an odd assortment of, well...,  I am not exactly sure what to call it.   She just handed me a little box of stuff and said, "here, I think you will appreciate some of these items".   I picked just a few items to quickly blog about.

The first item is a 1980's Kellogg's Starbot cereal toy.   I guess the cereal companies wanted to cash in on the Transformer/Go-bot market.   These Starbots must be made of sturdy stuff to have survived so long.   This just seems like something that would have been the first to meet a firecracker or been on the losing end as a chew toy for the dog.

I don't really remember these being in cereal as a kid.  Of course, my parents limited us to stuff Cheerios and Raisin Brand.  So, I don't have  memories of  those magically delicious marshmallow fueled sugar buzzes.  

The next are a couple of gumball machine rings.  Or at least that is my guess for their origin.  If anyone can help me identify them, I would appreciate it. Both of the rings are adjustable for size.

The large ring is supposed to be a Phillies World Champion ring.  In the P is 4 rhinestones and it has a date of 1980 on the side of the ring.    It is big and surprisingly heavy for a gumball ring.

The second ring is rather plain and has a rhinestone set in the middle.   It is kind of a brass or bronze color, which doesn't really show well in the picture.

The third item is this badly beaten Star Wars Burger King card.   I will admit, it took me a second to realize what this was.

The back of the card says:
  " There are 36 different trading cards in the Everybody Wins Game, so you can save them or trade them with your friends.    
 Play Everybody Wins the next time you visit BURGER KING.  Game ends July 31, 1981 or when trading card supplies run out."

I put it in a card protector so I could display it with my other vintage Star Wars items.    I have more items to share from the little box of goodies, so stay tuned for more to come.

This last item I just need some help with.  I am looking for a head for this Mr. Freeze.   So if anyone has any spare Batman  parts, I am willing to trade.    Please leave a comment or send me an email.

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