Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Building BMO

I decided that I needed to start a new building project.  We are considering building a second R2 unit but that will be on hold for a few months.   So in the meantime, since my kids are fans of "Adventure Time"  I decided that I would build them a BMO.

Right, now it doesn't look like a lot, but I've got the box built.  I used some 1/4 thick plastic for the body.  The next step for the body is, to use bondo on the sides and then sand to create the more rounded edges.  My plan is to do all of that tomorrow so I can move on to cutting all of the holes for the buttons, the front disk slot, and then drill the speaker holes on each side.

Hopefully, by the weekend,  I will have everything prepped and ready to paint.  I will update my progress and add more pictures to this post as I get closer to finishing BMO.


  1. My kids are pretty excited about building BMO. I hope I can get him finished quickly.