Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Hot Wheels added to my collection

Lately, I have been picking up some of the Retro Collection Hot Wheels.   This last week, I picked up Mrs. Brady's station wagon.

I am debating on opening it.  I really love the whole look of the  packaging.  But,  I am just one of those collectors that loves to touch and feel everything.   The rest of my cars are open, so this one might eventually end up the same way.  

I am trying to figure out a better way to display my open Hot Wheels.   But, I just haven't found anything that I like.   I would appreciate it anyone out there shared their display of Hot Wheels.

The last item I am adding to my car collection is something that I have had for a while.   There recently was an auction on Ebay, that I have been obsessing over all week. I wanted to buy it, but that wont happen unless I win the lottery.    The auction was for a Dumbo car!   A Dumbo car from Disney World!   How awesome would it be to own a freakin Dumbo car?    So until I win the lottery, I have to settle for the next best thing.

I have had this little Dumbo car packed away for a while.   I purchased it sometime in the late 90's at Disney World.   I decided that it needed to be displayed with my other vehicles.    
I am still looking for the Muppet's bus and Magnum's Ferrari.   There are several cars in the 6th and 7th wave that I know I will want to pick up also.

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  1. I have a decent collection of Halloween Hot Wheels but sadly they end up in a collector's case most of the year because I can't display them all loose.

    With the Brady mobile I think you at least have to save the logo from the card so people will know it's not just a random station wagon.