Sunday, July 28, 2013

MonsterCon recap- autographs, toys, and more

This weekend was kind of a let down for us.  We originally planned to be in Kentucky attending Fandom Fest, but my husband's transmission had to be rebuilt and so our plans changed.    My husband was kind of moping in his wheaties.  Fandom Fest this year had an amazing line  up of  celebrity guests ( Stan Lee, William Shatner, Gene Simmons, Gillian Anderson, etc)  He had been looking forward to getting autographs from some of the main "Walking Dead" actors (Norman Reedus, John Bernthal, etc.). There were supposed to six attending this year's convention.   Earlier in the summer, we attended Fanboy Expo, where he started a "Walking Dead" autograph collection.   I personally, was looking forward to seeing the "Firefly" actors (Jewel Staite, Adam Baldwin, and Alan Tudyk)  that were there this weekend also.  So, I was kind of moping too.

There was a small silver lining, which came in the form of Monster Con.   Monster Con is a new con and it was local. Frankly,  we live in a black hole for cons and even decent toy shows.  I guess people think because Atlanta is a couple hours drive, Dragon Con is enough and to hell with the rest of the year.

We  planned to take  R2-AL out for its first con since it was just completed earlier in the month.  We were joined by his buddy R2-F4.   The two units were built together.  Together the two droids spent about 30 minutes greeting attendees at the front entrance.  Then spent the rest of the afternoon rolling around the arena.   In a way, it was good that our first outing was a small con.   Navigating crowds can sometimes be a challenge.  We also learned that our controller needs a back up battery.   It did not last the whole day like we had expected.

   For a small con, they could have used more vendors.  But, there is always next year and like any first time event, there is always room for improvement. The event did manage to get some decent celebrity signer.  The one celebrity that was billed the most was Dave Prowse (the guy in the Darth Vader suit).  Yes, it is Darth Vader, but...meh.   Not to be rude, but Mr. Prowse will show up at pretty much any convention. Being a Star Wars fan and having met him before,  he isn't the most pleasant of people to meet.  My experience with him was disappointing but, hopefully those who met him this weekend had a better experience.

   Thankfully, they did have a few more celebs. several zombies from "Walking Dead" and Chris Sarandon, " Prince Humperdink and the voice of Jack Skelington"  that made the show  more appealing.    I was kind of excited about meeting Chris Sarandon.  I have always loved "Princess Bride" and "Nightmare Before Christmas".  He was very personable and talked with everyone who got autographs.  

Of course, my husband added 3 more zombies to his Walking Dead poster.   One of the zombie actors, Michael Koske, told us that he had been 42 different zombies on the show and that his arm is visible on the poster version my husband has.  He said that was his first day on the set when the pictures were taken.

We also talked to Paul Bradford, from Ghost Hunters International.   He also builds droids.  So far, he has built a mobile K 9 and is working on finishing a Dalek.  He said he had been wanting to build an R2 but starts and stops,  which we completely understood.  We shared our R2 building experience with him.  It was cool to talk with him and he has a great accent.

bybefore paint
Normally, when attending a con we tend to skip the panels.  It is rare if we attend one.  Most of the time, we are busy getting autographs or shopping.   But, there was a hands on work shop that allowed you to make your own latex "wound".  It really was a lot of fun!  We were given some liquid latex, toilet paper, and cotton to work with.   You wouldn't think that much could be done with those materials, but you would be surprised.  The whole piece was made on wax paper, so that it could be removed easily and then applied to skin.   This is the before picture of my creation.    It really just looks like a wad of wet paper.   It did dry fairly quickly, so I was able to play with painting it when i got home.

after paint

I didn't use anything fancy as far as the paint is concerned.  I used some watercolor paints.  Color wise, I used red, purple, blue, black, brown and a little green. I tried to think of what color bruises turn.  I am kind of happy with the finished looked.  I think it looks creepy as hell.  It isn't applied to my arm, it's just laying there for the picture.  I can't wait for Halloween to get here.  I am planning to get some liquid latex and play!

Last but certainly not least, the burning question, what kind of toys did I bring home?   I was really hoping to find some vintage Star Wars figures.   I have been working on collecting the last few that I need to finish my vintage collection.  Sadly, there was a lot of modern Star Wars figures and only about 8 vintage figures.  The lack of vintage toys of any kind was disturbing.    I did manage to get some pretty decent G1 Transformers. I picked up 2 Insecticons, Cosmo, Seaspray, and one of the transforming tapes. I got all 5 for $22.   My Transformer collection is growing again!  Since January, I am up to 27.

Overall, we had a great day at Monster Con.  It wasn't Fandom Fest, but there is always next year that. Certainly, Monster Con has a lot of potential to become a great event.  The organizers seem to be enthusiastic and are already working to improve the event for next year.   Plus, it is always nice to have a con local instead of all the traveling.


  1. Sounds you guys had a awesome time. : )

  2. Honestly, after the fallout Prowse had with Lucasfilm, I'm surprised they allow him to sign still. They won't allow him at the Star Wars Celebration cons anymore from what I hear. And the last time I saw him, he' was kind of a grump. Admittedly he is getting on in years but still...

  3. I know. My husband and I are both 501st members. The garrison was invited to have a table at this con, but declined. There were very few Star Wars costumes and the ones that were there weren't 501st or Rebel Legion quality.