Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finally got my hands on a SDCC Weberella!!

The Comic Con exclusive items are a great source of frustration.   Everybody and their momma wants to scalp them on Ebay.  One of the worst offenders is always the Monster High exclusives.   I had had hopes of getting one through Matty Collector, but I will save my tirade about their after comic con sale for another time.

Needless to say, after a great trade, I finally got her!.

She isn't the prettiest of the Monster High dolls to me.  I guess I am just not a big enough fan of spiders to appreciate everything about her.   She does come with a pet which is a fly, which I thought was kind of cute.
 Her boots and costume are probably my favorite thing about her. Her boots are a silver spider web.  The black coloring is her leg showing through.

 I guess you could say that she is part of the Power Ghoul line.  Along with her diary, she came with a Weberella comic and a Power Ghouls booklet.

The Power Ghouls is one of my favorite sub lines in the Monster High dolls.   Each doll is a super hero or villain.    I am still anxiously awaiting the release of Power Ghoul Frankie and Torelia.   I know they have been found in other countries.  Hopefully, it wont be too much longer before they show up around here.   Then I can display Weberella with my SDCC Deadfast Ghoulia and the rest of the Power Ghouls.

I have updated my Monster High Collection post with Weberella.   You can view the rest of my Monster High collection to date.


  1. Congrats on getting this one for your collection. : )

  2. I love this! She is so cool looking. I like the Power Ghouls line too. I would love to see them do a She-Ra inspired costume. I would just die. But Weberella is pretty cool. I like all her arms. That is just a fun design.