Friday, June 7, 2013

Fanboy Expo, autographs and some toys

This past weekend, my family and I went to Fanboy Expo in Knoxville, TN.   This is an annual trip for us.   We really love this con because it is a family friendly event and our kids enjoy it too.   Which makes life a lot easier when you have three kiddos in tow.

This year's Fanboy had some great celebrity guests.  The list included:  Lee Majors,  Joey Lauren Adams, Elvira ( Cassandra Peterson),  Billy Dee Williams, Jeremy Bullock, several signers from "The Walking Dead", and Dirty Sanchez himself, Dustin Diamond, just to name a few.  

Walking by Dustin Diamond's booth, I could not look at him.  All I kept thinking was that someone made a sex tape with Screech!  Why??  I know that whole scandal has been years ago, but still I am just mind boogled by it.   Although, I did hear some attendees say that he was very nice and they were happy that they met him.

My husband was interested in meeting "The Walking Dead" cast members. He recently got into the series  and
decided to start getting a poster autographed.   I personally felt some of them were a little overpriced, especially considering that their characters were no longer on the show.   I am not a fan of the series, so it didn't really interest me.

 The poster was signed by:  Chandler Riggs, Madison Lintz, Daniel Thomas May, Tyler Chase, Sonya Thompson, Theodus Crane, Kylie Syzmanski, Josh Stewart.   He is hoping to add a few more signatures  later in July at another Con.

I was excited to meet Eric Bauersfeld.  He is known for being the voice of Bid Fortuna and Admiral Ackbar.    Since I had the opportunity to meet Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) last year at this same event, I wanted to get the Ackbar voice actor as well.    It was a rare appearance, since Mr. Bauersfeld is 91 years old.  But he was lovely gentleman and it was truly a pleasure to meet him.   I got this great Ackbar print signed.  Hopefully, Tim Rose will return to a Con somewhere nearby and I can get this piece signed by him as well.

We also took some pictures with the Batmobile and as an added bonus, someone drove a General Lee to the con.  Can you imagine having a General Lee as your ride?  Sadly though, I saw them park and
they didn't climb out the windows.   As a kid, I always thought that was the best part.

So what kind of toys did we pick up?  Well, I finally broke down and bought the Kenner Preschool Ewok Treehouse.   It is something that I have been wanting for some time, so I got it.  There are a few pieces missing. But with it, I got 8 Ewoks (Wicket included) and parts for both the Ewok Fire Cart and Woodland Cart.

I also picked up a nude Jem and the Holograms Aja doll.   I am hoping that I will be able to trade her for something Monster High or possibly some Barbies.   I also picked up a bag of Gobots,  and a few other miscellaneous figures that I will blog about later.   I haven't really had the chance to clean anything up yet, but more to come on all the goodies from Fanboy Expo

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