Thursday, June 20, 2013

Franken Furby is ALIVE!

My mom has been leading the charge to get her garage and attic cleaned out.  Which has been great for me and my kiddos.  They are completely in heaven because of all the old toys that have been re-found.  Just the other day, they found an original Furby in one of the closets.

Not having gotten into the new Furby craze, they were curious about it.  At first glance, I thought it was just a case of dead batteries.  So of course, we changed out batteries but the stupid thing still would not come to life.   We tried the reset button and smacking it around a couple of times too no luck.

Since we honestly have nothing better to do during the summer, we made it our goal for the day to get the Furby working.
After some online research, I found out that the problem might be in the tiny motor. Which apparently seems to be a common problem among the older Furbys.   Thanks to some helpful youtube videos the kids and I got it pulled apart.   It is kind of a strange task, skinning a Furby.   But once, you get it skinned, it is fairly easy to get to the motor.

After about 5 minutes of alternating between spinning the motor and gear, holding a pin on the reset button, it finally kicked in and started talking.

I'm not sure if it was a great idea to get it working again.  They are kind of annoying.  It is funny, I don't remember it being that annoying, but I don't remember doing a lot with a Furby to begin with.

Oh well, needless to say, we met our goal for the day and the kids have been fairly entertained by their "new" Furby.

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